Bookclub Book #27 Release

December 31, 2008

With all of that cold wintry weather keeping us huddled in front of the fireplace and/or space heater sporting those warm fuzzy socks, now’s the perfect time for… a BEACH READ! That’s right all you wonderful Chicken Lit’ers, our book #27 selection is none other than: Life’s a Beach by Claire Cook. Wouldn’t you know, we chose another book that comes complete with an online list of discussion questions from which we’ll be hand-picking once again? So without further ado, grab that beach towel and let’s get started reading!

As before if you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to get that audio book, check one out from the local library, visit Barnes & Noble, or purchase a copy from Amazon here: Life’s a Beach. Then visit the book #27 web page in the right-hand sidebar under ‘Books‘ where you can stay updated on reading timelines and links to discussion posts.

Will you be reading with us this time around? Post a comment and make yourself known – we’re always interested in new readers.


Discussion #3 & Final Wrap-Up: The Friday Night Knitting Club

December 30, 2008

This is it, the 3rd and final discussion of book #26, The Friday Night Knitting Club. And last but not least, let’s finish off with a few more questions from that special reader guide that we know so well:

  • Things get interesting in Scotland when Georgia’s Gran offers her loving but firm analysis of the women’s lives. She points out that Cat is capable of handling stress but hasn’t tried and that Georgia’s spent too much time ruminating on the past. Her advice: mistakes are made; the important thing is to decide how to react to what people offer, because you can’t make them change. How do the women accept this advice in each of their lives?
  • While James and Dakota are in Baltimore visiting his parents, Georgia decides to tell the club that she has cancer. Why does she share her news with the knitting club before she tells her immediate family?
  • When Georgia gets diagnosed, she worries that a show of weakness will be unacceptable to Dakota, James, and others who know and love her as a pillar of strength. How do her loved ones prove her wrong?
  • In your opinion, what is the main lesson of The Friday Night Knitting Club?
  • On a scale from 1-10 (1=worst, 10=best), how do you rate this novel?

Which brings us to the final question… shall we read Knit Two next? Or would you prefer we put it to another poll-thingy vote? Your thoughts are kindly requested.

Discussion #2: The Friday Night Knitting Club

December 30, 2008

To help clean the slate before New Year’s Day, we’re going ahead with the last 2 discussions of book #26, The Friday Night Knitting Club. For those of you Chicken Lit’ers who are not ready to post comments on this section of the book, that’s perfectly ok! We’ll patiently wait to read all about your thoughts when the time is right for you. Meanwhile, here are a few more questions from that handy-dandy reader guide:

  • Georgia has a history of being burned by the people closest to her. Cat’s decision to attend Dartmouth meant breaking a pact of friendship, and James abandoned her for another woman. Do you think there are moments when her defenses against intimacy and protectiveness of Dakota are excessive?
  • How does Dakota’s major act of rebellion (her attempt to go to Baltimore) alter Georgia and James’ playing field? Do you agree with Georgia’s decision on an initial trip to Scotland over a trip to Baltimore?
  • When Cat responds to Georgia’s sincere questions about her college experience at Dartmouth by saying, “It wasn’t like you think,” what does she mean?
  • If Georgia had opened the letters she received from James in a timely fashion, how might things have been different?

Tick tock… tick tock… tick tock… is it 2009 yet?

Discussion #1: The Friday Night Knitting Club

December 26, 2008

Not sure at this point on the day after Christmas how likely our Chicken Lit’ers are to have time for posting comments on our first discussion of book #26, The Friday Night Knitting Club, but let’s give it a whirl anyway. Following are some hand-picked questions from the reader guide at the end of the book:

  • The role of friendships among women is a central theme of The Friday Night Knitting Club. Some friendships develop easily, like K.C. and Georgia’s, while others begin on unsure footing, like Darwin and Lucie’s. Cat’s insecurities create conflicting feelings about drawing Georgia closer. Discuss the emotional baggage and issues of class that challenge trust between various women in the knitting club.
  • Lucie’s decision to become pregnant without telling the man she conceives with is a choice that flies in the face of social convention and her mother’s expectations, to say nothing of her Catholic upbringing. What factors led to her choice? How does the whole of Georgia’s experience as a single mother support or undermine her decision?
  • Georgia gets defensive when James asserts that he has things to teach Dakota about race that Georgia could never teach her. Is her indignation totally justified in light of James’ delinquency as a father, or is there some truth to his claim?
  • What are your thoughts on Jacobs’ writing style in her first-time novel?

As always, no need to feel limited to these questions in your comments. Heck, maybe you have a few off-topic thoughts for posting instead? Never a problem here – post away… oh, and don’t forget to enjoy the holidays!

Bookclub Book #26 Release

December 22, 2008

The votes are in! A few anyway, but we’re ready to push ahead with our next book: The Friday Night Knitting Club by Kate Jacobs. Now this particular novel has some serious potential with that handy readers guide attached to the end AND a sequel waiting in the wings for us – that is if we get all into this one and want to read more. Who knows? It very well could happen.

You know the deal, Chicken Lit’ers: download an audible, head over to the local library, visit Barnes & Noble, or get a copy from Amazon here: The Friday Night Knitting Club. The book #26 web page resides in the right-hand sidebar under ‘Books‘. Keep an eye out for reading timelines and links to discussion posts, as the page will be updated often.

Got a new reader for us? We’re a fun loving bunch always welcoming newbies. And we’re extremely cool, too. Extremely.

Discussion #2 & Final Wrap-Up: A Dog Named Christmas

December 18, 2008

Given the fact that our readers are all finished reading book #25, A Dog Named Christmas, why not proceed with our second discussion and wrap it all up nicely? So here it is, and with the help of Kincaid’s online reading guide at

  • Why do you think that George wants Todd to learn that “there is seldom room at our own inn for others?” (94) What does this say about George? How does this affect Todd? Does George’s thinking change by the end of the book? If so, how?
  • Bill Conner comments that people do not pick out Jake (Christmas) and own him. Rather, it is Jake who has to pick who he wants to be with. What made him pick George McCray?
  • George starts the book looking back on his life and reflecting on one memorable Christmas season, “a holiday that seemed perfect.” (7) What was it that made this holiday so good for George? What was the “Christmas” message of the book?
  • As George struggles to determine the right thing to do for Todd, he comments that sometimes the important things we do for our children will “not be given but withheld.”   What does the author mean?
  • How do you rate this novel on a scale from 1 to 10 (1=terrible, 10=fantastic)?

Oh how we just love having authors post reading guides for bookclub’ers such as ourselves, don’t we? *resounding YES WE DO* Post away and while you’re at it, how about taking this poll to help choose book #26:

Discussion #1: A Dog Named Christmas

December 16, 2008

How about if we move forward with our first discussion of book #25, A Dog Named Christmas by Greg Kincaid? And with these questions, no less:

  • Is Kincaid’s description of the local animal shelter true to life, in your opinion?
  • Do you think the McCray family needed to adopt Christmas (the dog) more than they at first realized?
  • How has Christmas impacted the family’s daily lives so far?
  • Do you think Todd & George will hold true to their promise by returning the dog on Dec. 26th?
  • What are your thoughts on Kincaid’s writing style?

All questions and/or comments welcome, so don’t feel the least bit shy about posting your ideas here. Not only that, but we’re also seeking more readers and recommendations for book #26 – got some? Anyone? Send ’em our way!