Book #10

Sex, Murder and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis is our next bookclub selection:

The Chicken Lit’ers really enjoyed our previous Kyra Davis novel, so much that a couple of us picked up a copy of this book in advance. But if you don’t have one already, click the image to place an order via Amazon. Otherwise, check the mystery section in your local library or bookstore.

This novel has 328 pages. Discussions will be posted every @100 pages:

Note: New readers are welcome to join in with us. We seriously do not bite here.


9 Responses to Book #10

  1. I just finished chapter 5 and am loving this book! Although… I am feeling very afraid for Sophie right now. Discussion will open up tomorrow where we can talk about this more. *eeks!*

  2. Becca says:

    I am up to chapter 3, I might need a little time, will listen more in the a.m. after my husband leaves for his office!

  3. Becca says:

    Good morning, good morning!

    I am finished with chapter 7..into chapter 8 now.

  4. Excellent! I’m still just starting ch 6 but will catch up to you while reading during my afternoon school carpool. Can’t wait to chat more about this soon…

  5. Becca says:

    Is it just you and me on this one, or do we have other readers? Chime in readers! We really don’t bite!

  6. ginabeana says:

    Ok, I’m way behind, I didn’t even get the book yet, but I’m pretty sure I can catch up! I’ll jump in when I get caught up – but feel free to chat about the book, don’t let me hold you guys back.

  7. ginabeana says:

    Alrighty, I just ordered my copy…plus I pre-ordered the new Jane Green book.

  8. Becca says:

    Why do I see that Jane Green book being in our line up for summer?

    p.s….go check out my blog today…I am going to have to find some books to put on the IPod in oh about 8 months! 😉

  9. @Gina – So glad to know you’re in on this one with us! I have no doubt you’ll catch up fast, especially with that commute thing you’ve got going on there.

    @Becca – We need the Jane Green one on our list, don’t you agree? Can’t wait to get my preorder!

    @All – I’m in the middle of baking my first Italian meat loaf… but let’s see if I can get discussion #1 posted in the meantime.

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