Book #41

The Bride Will Keep Her Name: A Novel by Jan Goldstein is our next bookclub choice:

If you’ve visited Goldstein’s website, then you know this book has received some out-of-this-world praises. Can they all be wrong? Highly doubtful! So let’s see what all of the noise is about and rate it ourselves. Because that’s what we Chicken Lit’ers do, you know.

Post your comments and/or rating here!


One Response to Book #41

  1. chickenlitbookclub says:

    This book is a keeper! A quick read and a nice romantic/mystery/drama/comedy all mixed up into one great read. My rating: 9 out of 10.

    I’ve never read any Jan Goldstein books before this one, but seriously, it’s so hard to believe this was written by a male writer. He speaks to me like a female – am I alone in this thinking? A perfect example (pg 9):

    My assistant, Sasha, a blond NYU brainiac, very Gyneth Paltrow, had helped me hang the work and I had minutes to view it before racing out to a very special dinner with – wait for it – my fiance.


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