Book #23

Grace: A Novel by Richard Paul Evans is our next bookclub choice:

Check this out – another new author to add to our growing list! We have high expectations that Richard Paul Evans will give us a little inspiration with Grace: A Novel, perhaps even tug at our heartstrings. Grab a hankie and join along with us.

Finally a timeline! Even if you’ve already finished reading the book, please take a few moments to stop by and post a comment or two during our discussions – we need to know your thoughts:

Suggestions for book #24? Now accepting any and all recommendations. Post yours here and become a part of our Chicken Lit’er crew.


8 Responses to Book #23

  1. maksbestfriend says:

    I hate to tell you this, and no pressure oh book leader, but I finished this book. No time table necessary for me. I will wait for you to finish..I bow to your greatness..

  2. @maksbestfriend – not surprising, it must be really good! I do promise to post the timeline tomorrow. Cyber Monday kicked me in the pants today, so I’m only on page 12 and way behind on updating this site. That’s what I get for making the announcement during busy holiday times. My bad!

  3. maksbestfriend says:

    I will tell you this is not, repeat is not a Christmas book. I do apologize. It will leave you thinking. And grateful for the life we both have that is for sure.

  4. @maksbestfriend – so maybe for book #24 we should do the other book you suggested earlier, the one about the dog? Or do you have any other Christmas-y books in mind right now?

  5. maksbestfriend says:

    I know “someone” here has already started “The Christmas Sweater”..not me, but I am just saying…not pointing any fingers, but her name starts with a D…. šŸ˜‰

  6. maksbestfriend says:

    And you are actually giving me a second chance after “Grace”? Did you get to finish it, or will you?

  7. *gasp* D… already started “The Christmas Sweater”? Dude. We need to talk. šŸ˜‰

    And yes, of course I’d give you a second chance. Doesn’t mean I’ll pick your recommendation again so easily, but still. lol

    Currently on pg. 29. But did I tell you I’m on pg. 322 of “Breaking Dawn”? Sadly, I got myself completely sucked in after taking that book with me on our Thanksgiving trip. Now to catch up w/#23 like a good Chicken Lit’er.

  8. @All – I’m currently on pg 241 and hope to finish this book TODAY! My apologies for the delay. Please forgive me, then blame Stephenie Meyer. šŸ˜€

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