Book #9

Certain Girls: A Novel by Jennifer Weiner is our next bookclub selection:

You can click the image to order a copy on Amazon, otherwise any bookstore or library will also do just fine.

This novel is divided into three parts, a nice way to section off our discussions:

Note: Dates are always subject to change based on our readership – we are completely flexible with timelines in this bookclub.


9 Responses to Book #9

  1. I’m trailing behind miserably – but it’s really good so far. Hopefully I’ll make it to 167 by tomorrow, otherwise the timeline will shift a bit. How is everyone else doing?

  2. I thought the pov of Joy was interesting. Do most teen, or almost teen daughters think of their mom with distaste at times? or was that just me, and Joy. My mom and I have always been close, but there are times still!

  3. Becca says:

    I just finished Part 1.

    I am not at all close to my mother, so I can only say, this from my own experience, that I am not my mother’s daughter. My mother is a book in and of itself. I wish that I had a good mother daughter relationship, but I don’t. I look at my husband sometimes, and his interactions with his family, and his parents who have been married to each other for almost 60 years now and it amazes me what a family, a real, wholesome, honest to goodness family they are. Mine is so dysfunctional. I love my inlaws. I had to chose for my own mental health to make that break with her. She knows how to find me if she wants to, but my life is so much healthier and more peaceful without all the drama.

    I know that sounds really mean of me, but you have to do what you have to for your own mental health. I love the life I have now, and the boundaries that I have work for me. If she ever wants to be a part of it she will have to live by mine.

    Goodness that was a tangent..sorry… 😦

    But I do like the book now that I am getting into it! Good choice Brenda!

  4. ginabeana says:

    I’m on page 123 – so I’m a TAD behind…not bad seen as I just bought the book yesterday afternoon :o)

    First off, GOOD CHOICE, BRENDA! I’m really enjoying this book especially since we get to learn the points of view of both Joy and Cannie. Instead of wondering “what’s up with Joy”, we actually get to learn what’s up with Joy.

    I was trying to remember if I gave off so much attitude towards my mother and I don’t really think I did. I’m sure at times I did, but my mom probably wouldn’t have stood me having an attitude all time. The attitude probably came later, like in college. A relationship between mother and daughter is very tricky, I think. I asked my husband if he gave an attitude towards his mother and he said he remembers doing so, but didn’t remember why he did and he knows eventually he grew out of it.

    As I was walking to work today, I spotted a Mother, her young son (maybe 6) and a few feet ahead of them was her daughter, probably Joy’s age, wearing headphones in her ear and totally giving her mom an attitude. You could totally see the young girl’s eye rolls and hear the whining.

    Part of me can understand and sympathize where Joy’s attitude is coming from, but at times I want to tell her “Um, hel-looo, Joy, your mom loves you, stop acting so suffocated by it…”

    I’m really enjoying this one and look forward to seeing how everything develops and wraps up. Such a good choice!

  5. Great comments going on here – THANKS! I’m only on ch 12, so I’ll be moving the timeline around a little. One request… please don’t finish without me. (That might be hard, I know, with such a good book.)

  6. Becca says:

    Awe come on Brenda, you are such a spoilsport, guess we have to listen to list mom, eh? πŸ˜‰ Ok, I will put down the headphones while you adjust the time line! πŸ˜‰

  7. TY – you’re so gracious to do that for me, especially since I haven’t even had time to sit down over the past 2 days! I’ll pick up speed again after the in-house (LAST) field trip tomorrow. Meanwhile, wouldn’t it be nice to have Jennifer Weiner drop by our club and post a comment?

  8. I am trying to remember the first part, so i can make more comments. I have it at home, so i will take a look tonight!

  9. @All – I just finished the book. Where are you? (Besides Jenna who finished before we started.)

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