Book #22

Hissy Fit: A Novel by Mary Kay Andrews is our next bookclub choice:

Let’s give a big welcome to our newest author, Mary Kay Andrews, with Hissy Fit: A Novel. This particular book is a second recommendation by a fellow Chicken Lit’er, and one that we all can’t wait to dig right into.

A longer book with a total of 419 pages in 68 chapters, we’ll divide our discussions into @140 page segments:

Did you know? The Chicken Lit Bookclub is proud to have a few actual living, breathing author connections. It’s true – don’t miss out!


4 Responses to Book #22

  1. Ready for discussion #1? I just finished ch 24 and will open up the first discussion tomorrow (11/17/08). Hopefully everyone who is reading along will be ready to post a few comments. *fingers crossed*

  2. maksbestfriend says:

    You know that I am ready to go….always….Dory, oh Dory….

  3. Dory says:

    Now Becca… do I detect DOUBT in me? hehe 😉

  4. maksbestfriend says:

    Now why would I ever doubt you? Hmmm? Now maybe we should convince Brenda to come read my blog and join our little soiree for December, eh? Think she will? Should we double dog dare her to? 😉

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