Book #38

The Help by Kathryn Stockett is our next bookclub choice:

So let’s go ahead and give a warm welcome to our newest author, Kathryn Stockett! After sneaking a peek at the first chapter and all of the positive reviews displayed on Ms. Stockett’s website, we can’t possibly go wrong with this particular book selection. It’s just not possible.

No timeline necessary! Post your review in the comment section of this page after reading the book, because we always want to know how you rate our selection.

Note: Be sure to let us know if you’re a new reader! Is a prize in your future?


13 Responses to Book #38

  1. Just starting ch 2. I’ll pick up on this one more today – it’s a good one to tag team with ‘Just Breathe’. Entirely different!

  2. maksbestfriend says:

    I just finished the first section of the book. It is really good. Where are you at? Catching up?

  3. What page in ‘The Help’? I only see sections in ‘Just Breathe’… did I flip past it?

    Right now, I’m in part 3 (on pg 132) of JB and pg 22 of TH. Still reluctant to bring TH to the pool, which is why I’m not making much progress there. Although, we’re supposed to be getting non-pool-like weather here soon, so I’ll focus more on it over the next few days.

  4. maksbestfriend says:

    I am on page 160 of TH and have not started JB yet. TH is really good. I am hearing some rumblings from my husband who might/might not be going to India for 2 weeks sometime relatively soon. Ugh. I am thinking he is not really happy with this. I will ask him when he gets off the phone.

  5. Now on p 82 of TH, 154 of JB. The goal is to finish both… soon. Where are you?

  6. maksbestfriend says:

    Good morning!

    I haven’t started JB yet, but I am up to page 219 in TH. I am enjoying the quiet summer. And reading at our own pace. How are you liking TH? I know…soon…working on it! 🙂

  7. I need to catch up to you with TH. We’re home after attending a wedding, and I have an hour before the reception. Let’s see what I can do! It is really good in a very different way than other books we’ve read, don’t you think?

  8. maksbestfriend says:

    Yes, it is different. I get the chills at times, knowing that a lot of what is written about is based in historical fact. Scary times in those days. And to know that it really was just less than 50 years ago.

    How was the wedding? Hey if you dance enough at the wedding, you get your workout in and it is fun!

  9. I agree, Those poor women… they are so strong. Thank God for change!

    The wedding – BEAUTIFUL. Simple, elegant, classy. It was nice to catch up with long-time friends. Now… dancing! Yes, I’m hoping to eat a nice dinner and dance it all off. 😉

  10. maksbestfriend says:

    How was the wedding dinner?

  11. Dinner was cut short for us, as the oldest wanted to get home. Very into her routine and didn’t want to be out late. But I did manage to catch up with a former coworker who actually helped out at my own wedding many years ago – she was my makeup artist! Anyway, at least we had cake before leaving. It was amazing.

  12. This book gets a perfect 10! A definite “Must Read”.

  13. maksbestfriend says:

    Definitely agree with you on the 10!

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