Book #51 Release

November 3, 2009

Hot off the press is our next book selection called Knit the Season: A Friday Night Knitting Club Novel also by Kate Jacobs, an author whose novels have never disappointed the Chicken Lit’ers. So what exactly are people saying about this book? See for yourself:

“The third installment of The Friday Night Knitting Club, Knit the Season is a feel-good holiday book that celebrates friendships, family, new milestones, and unlimited possibilities for the future.” – Natalie @ Book, Line, and Sinker

“As a fan of the Friday Night Knitting Club novels, I was so excited to see that Kate Jacobs decided to write a holiday novel book this time, KNIT THE SEASON. This novel is exactly what I’ve come to expect from this series — a wonderful story about women and the beauty of their friendships. I find these books to be so enjoyable, and I love how they just warm my heart!” – Julie Peterson @ Booking Mama

Now with our own reviews, so READ ON and don’t forget to stop by and let us know your thoughts on the book #51 web page under ‘Books‘.

BTW: Got any knitting projects you want to share?


Book #50 Release

October 18, 2009

Does this post subject actually read Book #50? Why, yes it does! So how about if we celebrate this blessed milestone with a novel written by one of our tried & true favorite authors, Kate Jacobs? The book is called Comfort Food and will be our third Jacobs book selection. Here’s just a sampling of the buzz going around about this selection:

“Kate Jacobs’ breezy follow-up to her bestselling The Friday Night Knitting Club is a satisfying read that showcases Jacobs’ skill in creating endearingly flawed characters… the kind of book you rush home to finish.” – USA Today

“Gus and the show’s cast, with their humor, moods, and romance, are the sparks that bring this warm and irresistible story to life. Highly recommended.” – Library Journal

On with celebrating our milestone – read away! Please do remember to post your thoughts/comments on the book #50 web page under ‘Books‘ any time.

Psst: Did you know Kate Jacobs is releasing yet another novel soon?
It’s true!

Book #49 Release

October 7, 2009

Here is one you’ve probably seen perched on the Bestseller shelf at your local bookstore for a very long time. So guess what? The Chicken Lit’ers are finally reading it right here and now. The novel is called The Girl Who Stopped Swimming written by Joshilyn Jackson, a new author to our bookclub. Let’s hear what others say about this book:

“With her Southern flair for drama, witty dialogue filled with Southern cheeky drawls, and well-built characters, she is a brilliant storyteller who gets better with each book.” – Denver Post

“Do you crave a novel that will cause you to skip work or miss meals or put off sleep in order to keep reading it? In that case, you will definitely want to get hold of Joshilyn Jackson’s latest.” – Homer Hickam, author of October Sky and The Far Reaches

Let’s see if the reviewers are right, shall we? Read away and be sure to post your comments/review on the book #49 web page under ‘Books‘ whenever you are ready.

Prepare to get completely sucked in… watch out for that riptide.

Book #48 Release

September 16, 2009

When a big time author delivers a new release after being underground for several years, Chicken Lit’ers listen. So here we go with The Lost Symbol by the one and only Dan Brown, a personal favorite of certain Chicken Lit Bookclub members. And if history is any indicator of what we have in store, then we’re looking at a blockbuster:

“The wait is over. The Lost Symbol is here–and you don’t have to be a Freemason to enjoy it…THRILLING AND ENTERTAINING, LIKE THE EXPERIENCE ON A ROLLER COASTER.” – The Los Angeles Times

“Dan Brown brings sexy back to a genre that had been left for dead…His code and clue-filled book is dense with exotica…amazing imagery…and the nonstop momentum that makes The Lost Symbol impossible to put down. SPLENDID…ANOTHER MIND-BLOWING ROBERT LANGDON STORY.” – Janet Maslin, The New York Times

How can we not read this book? Get your hands on a copy and post your comments/review on the book #48 web page under ‘Books‘.

Channeling Tom Hanks… *ohm*

Book #47 Release

September 11, 2009

Who said we had to stop at one new fall read? Nobody. So why not add another to our lineup? Alrighty then! This one’s called Time of My Life written by Allison Winn Scotch, a new author to the Chicken Lit Bookclub. Reviewers cannot say enough good things about this novel with:

“Scotch’s novel is a clever, entertaining look at the compromises women make — and the dangers of getting what you asked for.” – People

“An engaging, fast-moving, high-concept drama. Scotch keeps one dexterous step ahead of page-flipping readers eager to guess the outcome.” – Publishers Weekly

Get your copy and let’s go! Then you’re welcome to post any thoughts, comments, insights, or epiphanies you might have along the way on the book #47 web page under ‘Books‘.

No chocolates or ghosts this time around. But NSYNC ring tones? Absolutely.

Book #46 Release

September 11, 2009

With fall quickly on its way, let’s switch gears with this new release by the name of Viola in Reel Life by Adriana Trigiani, a previously featured Chicken Lit author. This book is said to be directed toward the young adult audience, but hey, it’s a Trigiani book! We read ’em/rate ’em without discrimination. Not only that, but who could turn away a novel described as:

“Trigiani uses Viola’s droll humor and a colorful supporting cast to great effect, ensuring that readers will want to know what happens to them in future volumes. Ages 12–up. (Sept.)” —Publisher’s Weekly


So let’s welcome back Adriana Trigiani and get started reading. Then as always, we want to know your thoughts about the book along the way, so be sure to click on over to the book #46 web page under ‘Books‘ in the right-hand sidebar.

Did someone say GHOSTS will be paying us another visit?

Book #45 Release

August 28, 2009

Ready for our next summer read? Of course you are! So now let’s dig into Lust, Loathing and a Little Lip Gloss by Kyra Davis, another Chicken Lit’er long-time favorite author. With a 5-star rating on, readers say this book is:

Another Wonderful Sophie Katz Installment… Best One Yet!… and Another Winner!

So again, let’s see what Sophie Katz is up to by picking up a copy and diving in. Then don’t forget to post your opinion on the book #45 web page under ‘Books‘ in the right-hand sidebar. Chocolates to be served.