Discussion #1: Confessions of a Contractor

September 20, 2008

Off we go with our discussion about chapters 1 through 6 of Confessions of a Contractor. What shall we talk about? Let’s get started with these:

  • What are your thoughts on Murphy’s writing style? Thumbs up? Down? Other?
  • How about Sullivan’s trilogy of bad decisions – is he getting in over his head?
  • Any ideas on who stole his father’s truck?
  • What do you think the connection is between Rebecca and Sally?
  • Will Sullivan gain Derrick’s trust enough to figure out what is going on behind closed doors?

Any other questions and/or comments? No need to stick with the ones posted here, feel free to post whatever comes to mind – we’re just that flexible here.


Bookclub Book #19 Release

September 15, 2008

Well aren’t we the lucky readers yet again with another new writer, Richard Murphy, author of our next bookclub choice: Confessions of a Contractor. This book takes us in an entirely new direction and is described as:

“A sexy, page-turning novel about the combustible mix that results when you blend desire, jealousy, and home renovation.”

Just how can we go wrong with that kind of description? Impossible! So join us by downloading an audible, borrowing from the library, or support us by purchasing a copy at Amazon here: Confessions of a Contractor. Then, as always, click on the book page and follow along with the discussion timeline. Fun, easy, and you get to share thoughts with fellow readers. Give it a try!

Calling all new readers: Are you new to our bookclub? Post a comment and qualify for our free giveaway.

Discussion #3 & Wrap-Up: Suburbanistas

September 14, 2008

By last discussion’s comments, clearly our readers (yes, all TWO of us!) are finished reading the final chapters of Suburbanistas. I don’t know about you, but turning that last page sure did leave warm fuzzies here. We made an excellent choice with book #19, don’t you agree?

Which brings us to a few final questions for discussion:

  • What were your thoughts about the ending?
  • Is there anything that you would have changed in this novel?
  • How about a rating of this book on a scale of 1-10 (1=worst, 10=best)?
  • Would you be interested in reading more novels by Pamela Redmond Satran? Why/why not?

Any other question &/or comments are most welcome, and please do send suggestions on book #19. Better yet, do you know anyone who would like us to review a particular book? Send them our direction – we’d gladly consider it! As you can see, Chicken Lit’ers love to Get All Literary, you know.

Discussion #2: Suburbanistas

September 10, 2008

All righty then! Let’s go ahead and discuss our way up through chapter 13 of Suburbanistas. Want some questions to help us get started? Here they are:

  • Were you shocked at how Sladowski and Stella’s relationship went down?
  • Do you think Mary Jean has a fighting chance at winning the election against Sladowski?
  • Will Pete actually stand by and watch as his wife interferes with his chances of becoming Chief of Police?
  • What about the children of Stella and Mary Jean – are they unfairly treated as the women pursue their own personal interests?
  • Anything else you care to address?

Now’s your chance to talk about these ideas and/or whatever comes to mind. Well… ?

Discussion #1: Suburbanistas

September 5, 2008

Most likely, by now you’re patiently awaiting this discussion on the first 5 chapters of Suburbanistas. So how about a few questions, such as:

  • How do you find Satran’s writing style? Good? Not-so-good? So-so?
  • Were you surprised at Stella’s interest in returning to Homewood permanently after seeing how it had become commercialized/modernized?
  • Do you think Mary Jean and Stella’s newly rekindled friendship will last?
  • What about Sladowski – will Stella finally see through the real estate mogul’s greedy ways? Or will Mary Jean and Stella be a formidable force against him?
  • How about Pete – do you think he is wise in siding with Sladowski to boost his career?

Again these are only a sampling of what we can post about in this first discussion. Got any other comments or opinions you want to voice? Let them be heard!