Discussion #1: Suburbanistas

Most likely, by now you’re patiently awaiting this discussion on the first 5 chapters of Suburbanistas. So how about a few questions, such as:

  • How do you find Satran’s writing style? Good? Not-so-good? So-so?
  • Were you surprised at Stella’s interest in returning to Homewood permanently after seeing how it had become commercialized/modernized?
  • Do you think Mary Jean and Stella’s newly rekindled friendship will last?
  • What about Sladowski – will Stella finally see through the real estate mogul’s greedy ways? Or will Mary Jean and Stella be a formidable force against him?
  • How about Pete – do you think he is wise in siding with Sladowski to boost his career?

Again these are only a sampling of what we can post about in this first discussion. Got any other comments or opinions you want to voice? Let them be heard!


2 Responses to Discussion #1: Suburbanistas

  1. * Satran’s style is witty and easy to follow, 2 characteristics I especially look for in writers. She even uses references that I can relate to – such as the Prince flashback when Mary Jean and Stella played ‘When the Doves Cry’.

    * I wasn’t surprised at Stella’s need to return home again, first to see her mother and then to reconnect with her BFF. Hollywood is brutal, as she alluded to in her diminished appeal while approaching 40 years of age.

    * Yes, and I hope Stella can use her ‘pull’ to help get Mary Jean and Pete out of their home crisis.

    * I have a feeling Stella will force Sladowski to see that his ways are damaging to the community. Her heart is with family/friends, and I don’t think she could walk away from a friend in need.

    * Pete also needs a reawakening. Perhaps he will see that power isn’t so great after all is said and done. I’m hopeful for that!

  2. maksbestfriend says:

    I love the writing style. It sucked me in and kept me going for the whole 5 chapters. I think that this book is going to be a page turner, for sure!

    I think that when her mother died, she came to the realization that she had to settle down and do right by her daughter. She needed more than Hollywood movie sets and her mother’s bad relationships.

    I think that their friendship will be tested with MJ running against Saldowski for Mayor. I think that Stella is blinded by his slick side/mannerisms. She hasn’t yet seen his other side that the people of the town do. I think their friendship will survive, but it will be rocky. I wonder if Stella will give/lease her mother’s home to MJ and her family?

    I think that her relationship with Sladowski, like her other relationships with men is going to be tumultous, you can bet. I wonder what he says or does in front of Idaho that finally makes him see that he isn’t what he appears. He will show his true colors.

    Of course, I don’t think that Pete is smart in siding with him. I think that he is so stuck in wanting what he wants and completely forgetting who this man is, or what his family, including his wife, have given up for him to already have what he has. I know that he means well, but you know what they say about good intentions. The road to he**…

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