Book #7

Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate by Kyra Davis is our next bookclub selection:

Time to get your copy – we are ready to get this party started ASAP.

This book is quite a bit longer than book #6 and is divided up nicely into chapters, thank goodness:

Note: The timeline has been divided into multiple reading/listening segments to allow for more discussion, so please be sure to stop in and post your comments at the end of each. We can always modify the dates, if needed.

Remember… no spoilers!


11 Responses to Book #7

  1. ginabeana says:

    Ok, I ordered my book today! I’m sure that I will be able to catch up and be able to join you all for this book!


  2. @ginabeana – Great! I think you’ll like this one… I’m already on page 52 and having trouble putting it down. Looks like a series of ‘Sophie Katz’ novels where Sophie is an author/PI. Good stuff, so far anyway.

  3. Becca says:

    I am listening to this now. Funny how it starts Brenda! S..E..X…! 😉

  4. @Becca – … and then it gets mysterious. A major leap from our last book!

  5. ginabeana says:

    I have my book and have read through the Chps 1-7. (1 1/2 hr commutes are good for something…) When do we begin discussing? :o)

  6. @Gina – Now! I just posted Discussion #1 with a few starter questions, but discuss anything you’d like about Ch 1-7.

  7. Becca says:

    Hey! I am not quite with you ladies yet! 😦 I am trying to get caught up. A couple more chapters to listen to I think….bad Becca

  8. Becca says:

    I am on Chapter 5…;-)

  9. @Becca – It’s ok, I just finished chapter 6 and should be finished with 7 by this afternoon. (Just getting a little ahead – I’m not used to being in the lead!)

  10. Becca says:

    I am on chapter 8 now. I am liking this read, or listen, since this is the case for me! What are you thinking of it?

  11. I’m really liking this one, too. The voice/humor cracks me up – always a plus for me! And the quick pace keeps me going. Love that.

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