Book #27

Life’s a Beach by Claire Cook is our next bookclub choice:

The ever-so-friendly Chicken Lit’ers offer a big hearty welcome to yet another new author, Claire Cook, with our latest bookclub selection – and boy do we ever need a warm escape from the blustery January weather with this beach read. Can she do it for us? Let’s just see about that!

With 30 chapters in 250 total pages, discussions will be posted as follows:

And isn’t one of our Chicken Lit’ers heading to the beach very, very soon? Who exactly would that be??


6 Responses to Book #27

  1. Dory says:

    As much as I wish it was ME, sadly, it is not. I’m planning to stow-away in her luggage though. 🙂

  2. @Dory – Ditto to that! She won’t even notice us. Ok, maybe. 😉

  3. maksbestfriend says:

    Hee hee, okay, hands up, it is me. Hard knock life for me. 😉

    Send me your shirt sizes please…seriously…

    Downside to this trip, the week before we are supposed to leave, my husband is supposed to be in Seattle for at least the entire business week. He better have his butt back here on Monday the 20th since I have doctors appointments and we do have those little things like, ummm packing to do.

  4. maksbestfriend says:

    Hey are any of your books signed by the author? I thought that mine was just a stamped signature, but you can see the impression of where it was signed!

  5. @maksbestfriend – size M for me, you know I’m a petite Chick. (Small works, too -but medium is on the safe side.) And btw, hubs better be on the ball when he returns. Wouldn’t want to go to Hawaii all unpacked, now would we?

    Your book is signed by the author?!! How do you rate with that deal? Where did you buy it?? Wow! So now we know she must pay us a visit here, with you having her autograph already. 🙂

  6. maksbestfriend says:

    I bought it new on!

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