Did you know we’ve moved?

September 12, 2012

Yes, it’s true – we have a new web address!


Now gearing up for some fun fall reads. Join in the fun, or not and be all bored.


Discussion #3 & Wrap-Up: One of Those Malibu Nights

August 29, 2008

Well? By now we are all finished reading book #17, One of Those Malibu Nights after a long drawn out discussion period, for which I apologize hugely. But you’ve already forgiven me, I know this. It’s safe to say we’re right back on track once again.

So let’s get this talk started with:

  • Were you surprised by the ending with all those its twists and turns?
  • Did you find this book similar to book #16 Meet Me in Venice? Or not?
  • What is your overall rating of this book on a scale of 1-10 (1=worst, 10=best)?
  • Would you read another Elizabeth Adler novel? Why/why not?

Any other closing thoughts on this novel? Post away! Also, send me your ideas about a possible read for book #19. I have a few in mind, but I’m hoping to get some inspiration from you, our bookclub readers. Speaking of which, know of anyone interested in joining us? Send them right on over – a free giveaway is awaiting our next newbie!

Bookclub Book #10 Release

May 3, 2008

Ready for another new book, readers? Check this one out: Sex, Murder and a Double Latte by Kyra Davis. As before, go to the book page here or in the sidebar under ‘Book #10‘.

Kyra Davis holds the special title of First Author to Visit Our Bookclub Site leaving us more than willing to read another one of her novels. How will this one compare? We have yet to find out! Hopefully you’ll join us and see for yourself firsthand. And while you’re at it, why not bring a friend? We’re looking forward to another great read – all are welcome.