Bookclub Book #14 Release

June 29, 2008

Yes it’s true. Officially we are now reading: Secrets of a Shoe Addict, another novel by Beth Harbison. Click on the book page here or in the sidebar under ‘Book #14‘ to access the timeline.

We jumped right into this one after finishing Shoe Addicts Anonymous, but it’s not too late to pick up your own copy and start reading along with us. It’s a fun summer read – will you join in? Why in the world not?


Discussion #3 & Wrap-Up: Shoe Addicts Anonymous

June 25, 2008

Here is the final discussion and wrap-up of Shoe Addicts Anonymous, chapters 16-22. Tell us… what did you think about this one? Were you expecting that ending? Or did you envision more for our shoe addict club members? Let’s hear your thoughts.

Looks like book #14 is leaning toward Secrets of a Shoe Addict. Care to join us? If the chapter 1 preview is any indication of how good this one will be, count me in!

Discussion #2: Shoe Addicts Anonymous

June 21, 2008

This post opens up the second discussion on book #13, Shoe Addicts Anonymous. Hopefully if you’re reading this you’ve already finished reading chapter 15, otherwise come back later so we don’t spoil anything for you! I’ve got a few more questions to throw in the ring:

  • What did you think about those surprise club member wannabes?
  • Do you think Joss will make it in the group with her second hand shoes?
  • Is Sandra setting herself up for heartbreak with Mike Lemmington, aka Mr. Live, love, laugh, and get laid?
  • Will Lorna get her finances together and make Phil Carson and Holden Bennington proud?

And I don’t know about you, but a certain part seriously left me laughing out loud. A clue: Shoegarpie!

Discussion #1: Shoe Addicts Anonymous

June 18, 2008

Finally after a little break in the reading action we’re starting the first discussion on book #13, Shoe Addicts Anonymous. I’d like to keep this discussion focused on the first 7 chapters, if possible. How about a few starter questions:

  • Does the formation of the ‘Shoe Addicts Anonymous’ club seem plausible?
  • Will joining offer support for our 3 (4?) heroines?
  • Is the storyline very believable with addiction to shoes?
  • Do you think Steve should’ve been allowed to join? Was he unfairly snubbed?

As always, those are just questions I rattled off the top of my head. Feel free to discuss whatever you’d like, as long as there are no spoilers!