Book #32 Release

March 1, 2009

Yes, it’s that time once again for the formal announcement of our next bookclub selection, which just so happens to be #32 (we’re getting up there!), Very Valentine by Adriana Trigiani. This author is another newbie to our bookclub, so let’s warmly welcome her with open arms, shall we? Perhaps she’ll even pay us a visit? We can only hope. And beg. Perhaps groveling is a little much? Ok, prayers go a long way, too.

You know the spiel – download an audible copy, borrow from the library, purchase from that local bookstore you know and love, or visit Amazon’s site in support of our bookclub: Very Valentine. Then keep a lookout on the book #32 web page under ‘Books‘ in the right-hand sidebar where you can find our reading timeline and discussion posts. Easy peasy.

C’mon Chicken Lit’ers, let’s read!


Discussion #2 & Final Wrap-Up: True Colors

February 28, 2009

Finally, let’s get a move on with our second and final discussion of book #31 True Colors by Kristin Hannah. Following are a few questions pulled out of the air, but feel free to add any of your own that you would like to discuss here:

  • Which main characters find true love in this novel? Which ones settle and with what results?
  • Was Winona selfish in seeking Dallas’ exoneration? What did she eventually achieve?
  • In the end, realization of the true meaning of “family” took center stage. Did you find Henry Grey’s bitter stubbornness tragic?
  • Did Vivi ever really give up hope for Dallas’ freedom even after she signed the divorce papers?
  • What purpose(s) did Noah’s journaling for Mrs. Ivers eventually serve?
  • How well/not so well did the Grey family garden turn out after all was said and done?
  • Rating alert: On a scale from 1 to 10 (1=hated with a passion, 10=completely adored), what do you give True Colors? Interested in reading more novels by Kristin Hannah?

Post away! Also, we’re currently on the lookout for our next book – got a recommendation for book #32?

Discussion #1: True Colors

February 23, 2009

Ready or not, here it comes – Discussion #1 of book 31 True Colors by Kristin Hannah. Not ready? Be warned! Stop back again later so as not to encounter any spoilers in reading the following discussion questions:

  • True Colors starts out with the three preteen sisters, Pea (Winona), Bean (Vivi Ann) & Sprout (Aurora) at the time just after their mother’s death. How did their personalities foreshadow what was to come later in the book?
  • What role did the sisters’ father play in the way each of the women developed emotionally throughout the first half of the novel? Is he successful in “taking care of the garden” as their mother requested?
  • Do you think Winona should have taken Aurora’s advice early on in Vivi Ann and Luke’s romance? How might the story have changed if she had?
  • Why did Winona, the supposed ‘smartest’ of the sisters, choose to hire Dallas as the farm hand without checking into his background first? What initially attracted her to hire him? In what way was Vivi Ann so quickly drawn to Tattoo Boy at Outlaw Tavern?
  • Do you find the sisters to be codependent on one another as a result of their mother’s death? In what ways do they support each other? How did the subsequent rift between the sisters negatively impact their lives?
  • Is Dallas bluffing by giving Vivi Ann the impression that he was the guilty party in Cat’s death? Why or why not? Do you think Vivi’s extreme naiveté flawed her decision-making abilities? Is she too hopeful?
  • What are your thoughts on Kristin Hannah’s writing style? Have you ever read any of her other novels? Are you interested in reading more by this author?

As always, discussion is not limited to these questions. Got any others? We’ll take ’em!