Discussion #2: Suburbanistas

All righty then! Let’s go ahead and discuss our way up through chapter 13 of Suburbanistas. Want some questions to help us get started? Here they are:

  • Were you shocked at how Sladowski and Stella’s relationship went down?
  • Do you think Mary Jean has a fighting chance at winning the election against Sladowski?
  • Will Pete actually stand by and watch as his wife interferes with his chances of becoming Chief of Police?
  • What about the children of Stella and Mary Jean – are they unfairly treated as the women pursue their own personal interests?
  • Anything else you care to address?

Now’s your chance to talk about these ideas and/or whatever comes to mind. Well… ?


6 Responses to Discussion #2: Suburbanistas

  1. maksbestfriend says:

    I kinda, sorta knew that he was using her as arm candy and name recognition. And there had to be some knick in his persona somewhere. Who would have thunk it would have been there! And the way that he whipped out that engagement ring? Really creepy! And his actions after were really disgusting! But I don’t think that we have seen the end of this man or his actions.

    Now, heck yes! I think that once more of his actions are exposed to the public, she sure does stand a chance of winning, and with Stella being her PR person, why not!

    Pete will have to come to stand behind her the hard way. He is a stubborn, pigheaded man, who wants what he wants. And something bad will happen before he sees things her way. But after that long a marriage I hope that he will.

    Franny, oh my goodness, what a little drama queen, why go to Hollywood. She would be grounded for life, with an attitude like that. And Caitlin, their really isn’t all that much about her, except that she is exceptionally smart. And I love the Jimmy/Idaho relationship. I think that Caitlin and Franny can help around the house more than they do, they are almost grown and so can Pete, she supported him for years. Let her have her dream for a chance.

    I think that each woman has the wrong assumption of the other and what their lives were like both as children and as adults. And they are about to find out that it is not at all what they were thinking.

    I sense a new business opportunity in the making…no spoiler.

  2. * Yeah, he was so obvious about the ‘arm candy’ thing, especially since he didn’t want to do anything else but be seen with Stella at benefits in the beginning. Mary Jean was right on the money, yet Stella didn’t listen to her. Late learner.

    * As soon as Mary Jean cleans up her image with Stella’s help AND gets out in the public eye and makes herself (and voice) known, she can’t help but win. Sladowski is destroying the home-town feel of Homewood with all the new ritzy, commercialized real estate/franchises. Not to mention the changes he’s proposing to the school system – what is he thinking? The people need to know how Mary Jean’s values and belief system will make her the best candidate for mayor, then it’s all history from there.

    * My hope is that Pete will try to support Mary Jean, but I sense some real tension in the relationship until he does. It could get worse before getting better.

    * The kids really seem to be spending more time with one another and getting closer in the midst of all the action. It’s too bad there has to be so much cursing and handing off between babysitting jobs as the women pursue their dreams, but that’s just life I guess. They need a big family day to have fun together – so much tension right now.

    * I think Stella and Mary Jean should go into real estate selling the kind of homes they dream about for their own families, the kind Homewood needs instead of the nuveau mansions Sladowski is pushing on the town. Just a thought! Perhaps that’s the same business opportunity that you’re thinking of too, @maksbestfriend? If so – I love the idea and hope it happens. (What a nice ending that would be, wouldn’t it?)

  3. maksbestfriend says:

    We have what you call McMansions here that are so ostentatious it is incredible. You can tell who really has the money and who doesn’t. We even have apartment complexes that are like that, too. Scary, what people are willing to pay for. I think I would shock you if I told you what we pay for rent here. It is high.

    I think that Stella could market the houses and MJ could arrange to have them refurbished back to their glory and not all the gaudiness.

    Oh my if I ever dropped the F bomb to my mother, I would not be sitting comfortably, or would be familiar with the taste of soap!

  4. @maksbestfriend – McMansions? F bomb? Hilarious! Now I’m just anxious to finish and see if we’re right in our prediction. πŸ˜€

  5. maksbestfriend says:

    Hi there!

    I finished the book! Really, really, really good! Much better ending than I thought! Did you know that this was the 4th in a series on the town of Homewood?

  6. I finished and really enjoyed it, too – excellent ending! It’s 4th in a series? I had no idea… now you’ve got my interest in reading the others. πŸ™‚ The final discussion will be posted some time tomorrow, then we can talk more about the final chapters and vote for our next read. (Although, I have a feeling it will be something about a CONTRACTOR. *hint*)

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