Discussion #1: Confessions of a Contractor

Off we go with our discussion about chapters 1 through 6 of Confessions of a Contractor. What shall we talk about? Let’s get started with these:

  • What are your thoughts on Murphy’s writing style? Thumbs up? Down? Other?
  • How about Sullivan’s trilogy of bad decisions – is he getting in over his head?
  • Any ideas on who stole his father’s truck?
  • What do you think the connection is between Rebecca and Sally?
  • Will Sullivan gain Derrick’s trust enough to figure out what is going on behind closed doors?

Any other questions and/or comments? No need to stick with the ones posted here, feel free to post whatever comes to mind – we’re just that flexible here.


4 Responses to Discussion #1: Confessions of a Contractor

  1. Ok, I’ll be first. Not sure if my fellow reader is ready to post a discussion comment, so I’m going anyway. Happy vacationing @maksbestfriend, btw!

    * Murphy’s writing style is most definitely testosterone-like, only without the intimate details. Too many details left out, I miss reading more of that. Where’s the juice?

    * I’m completely lost about Sullivan’s motivations in taking on more projects than he & his crew can handle, so he deserves what he gets after making the bad decisions. Seems to be in the Sullivan blood, as he puts it.

    * No idea. Probably a woman client who is disgruntled about one of his bad trilogy decisions.

    * Girl relationship gone bad. That’s all I can figure between those two.

    * Yes, because Derrick seems to be an idiot after his own flighty ideas and a cheater to boot. I hope he gets tanked by whatever wrong he has done in his wake.

    That’s my take. What are your thoughts????????

  2. maksbestfriend says:

    Hi there,

    Confession time. I am so behind. Mitch never got his vacation last week and we spent all the time he wasn’t working trying to get ready for this trip. I have barely started this book. I’m hoping that when he heads for his class in the morning, I will be able to dive in and give it my undivided attention. I was stealing some serious husband time this weekend. I apologize for slacking. I will get through the first part by the end of the day tomorrow, I hope!

    Forgive me?

  3. @maksbestfriend – No worries! Just give me a ‘heads up’ by posting your comments here. I can adjust the timeline accordingly. (See? That wasn’t so hard.) 🙂

  4. maksbestfriend says:

    His writing style is definitely male and to the point. I wonder how many men might have read this book? I did get into it the more that I read it.

    I think that once he started getting a taste of success it is/was like a drug. He had to have more and more and more. You had to know that at some point something was going to have to give.

    I think that he was always worried about being seen as a failure. Remember when he said that his father said that he felt that he felt successful at 51%. I think that he always felt that he had to do better than his father. Burning the proverbial candle at both ends can’t be good physically, emotionally, or financially.

    Wasn’t a woman client. Well sort of wasn’t. Funny that it turned out to be Gia.

    First rule of business: Never mix business and pleasure. He needs to control that.

    I think that what is happening there will have and did become clear quickly especially when you look below the surface.

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