Bookclub Book #27 Release

With all of that cold wintry weather keeping us huddled in front of the fireplace and/or space heater sporting those warm fuzzy socks, now’s the perfect time for… a BEACH READ! That’s right all you wonderful Chicken Lit’ers, our book #27 selection is none other than: Life’s a Beach by Claire Cook. Wouldn’t you know, we chose another book that comes complete with an online list of discussion questions from which we’ll be hand-picking once again? So without further ado, grab that beach towel and let’s get started reading!

As before if you haven’t already done so, now’s the time to get that audio book, check one out from the local library, visit Barnes & Noble, or purchase a copy from Amazon here: Life’s a Beach. Then visit the book #27 web page in the right-hand sidebar under ‘Books‘ where you can stay updated on reading timelines and links to discussion posts.

Will you be reading with us this time around? Post a comment and make yourself known – we’re always interested in new readers.


5 Responses to Bookclub Book #27 Release

  1. @All – Just finished ch 15. Where is everyone else? Will you be ready for me to post the first discussion tomorrow, 1/3? Thanks!

  2. maksbestfriend says:

    I am about to start Chapter 12..

  3. The discussion will post tomorrow morning – but plz give me the ‘heads up’ if you want to wait another day. No rush.

  4. maksbestfriend says:

    I just finished chapter 15! I am good, keeping up with you!

    Dory where are you? Chickies to Dory, come in Dory!


  5. maksbestfriend says:

    I just finished the book! Very good read!

    I am still awaiting Knit 2 and Comfort Food! Grr…Not liking resellers on and EBay these days. Taking longer than the Pony Express to deliver CD’s! 😦 If I new that it would have taken this long, I would have just bought them full price. Heavens!

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