Book #49 Release

Here is one you’ve probably seen perched on the Bestseller shelf at your local bookstore for a very long time. So guess what? The Chicken Lit’ers are finally reading it right here and now. The novel is called The Girl Who Stopped Swimming written by Joshilyn Jackson, a new author to our bookclub. Let’s hear what others say about this book:

“With her Southern flair for drama, witty dialogue filled with Southern cheeky drawls, and well-built characters, she is a brilliant storyteller who gets better with each book.” ā€“ Denver Post

“Do you crave a novel that will cause you to skip work or miss meals or put off sleep in order to keep reading it? In that case, you will definitely want to get hold of Joshilyn Jackson’s latest.” ā€“ Homer Hickam, author of October Sky and The Far Reaches

Let’s see if the reviewers are right, shall we? Read away and be sure to post your comments/review on the book #49 web page under ‘Books‘ whenever you are ready.

Prepare to get completely sucked in… watch out for that riptide.


16 Responses to Book #49 Release

  1. maksbestfriend says:

    It is a very good book! I am up to page 79 or the start of chapter 5! I have had a hard time putting this book down. It is not our normal choice of chick lit books, but please come and join us!

  2. So far, I agree w/Becca. Usually I’m a little put off by Southern fiction, but Jackson’s voice has a blend of wit that makes this book such a good read.

    Got your book yet? šŸ˜‰

  3. maksbestfriend says:

    Up to page 117!

  4. joshilyn says:

    Thank you so much for choosing THE GIRL WHO STOPPED SWIMMING> I am so glad you are enjoying it!

  5. And thank YOU for posting a comment to our readers here, Joshilyn! Always an honor hearing from our authors, and you are no exception.

  6. maksbestfriend says:

    Confession time, B!

    I sent Joshilyn an email telling her that we were reading her book and that I would love it if she checked us out! I am thrilled she did! We love this book!

  7. You are so on it, Becca! Thanks for all that you do in keeping the bookclub going strong – KUDOS! šŸ˜€

  8. maksbestfriend says:

    Good morning, up to page 170!

  9. homerhickam says:

    I’m glad you agree with me on Joshilyn’s work. You might also want to try a novel by, ahem, my other favorite author. More on

  10. @Becca – pg 107 here. Jackson’s really drawing me into the plot. Secrets…

    @Homer – What an honor having you stop by and post! We loved your quote on Jackson’s novel, thus the reason for adding it to the book #49 release post. And now we must check out YOUR novels – many thanks for the plug.

  11. maksbestfriend says:

    This is just awesome!

    Having another author stop by to visit us! And no, this time, I did not initiate this visit! šŸ™‚

    I am definitely with B, we are going to have to check out your books, now, too!

    I am up to page 279! Can you tell that I am enjoying this book?

  12. maksbestfriend says:

    Good afternoon/evening!

    I finished the book! Awesome is all that I can say because you haven’t finished it yet. Let me know when you are ready to talk about it!

  13. That’s good news, @Becca! I’m on pg 168 and starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Up until now, all of the flashing back multiple times within chapters had been driving me a little bonkers. But now I get it. Thalia needs a tights and a cape!

  14. maksbestfriend says:

    Thalia’s roll gets more important..not saying anything more..

  15. FYI: I WILL finish this book today – then book #50 will be posted. *ithinkicanithinkican*

  16. maksbestfriend says:

    Let me know what you think of the ending.

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