Book #48 Release

When a big time author delivers a new release after being underground for several years, Chicken Lit’ers listen. So here we go with The Lost Symbol by the one and only Dan Brown, a personal favorite of certain Chicken Lit Bookclub members. And if history is any indicator of what we have in store, then we’re looking at a blockbuster:

“The wait is over. The Lost Symbol is here–and you don’t have to be a Freemason to enjoy it…THRILLING AND ENTERTAINING, LIKE THE EXPERIENCE ON A ROLLER COASTER.” – The Los Angeles Times

“Dan Brown brings sexy back to a genre that had been left for dead…His code and clue-filled book is dense with exotica…amazing imagery…and the nonstop momentum that makes The Lost Symbol impossible to put down. SPLENDID…ANOTHER MIND-BLOWING ROBERT LANGDON STORY.” – Janet Maslin, The New York Times

How can we not read this book? Get your hands on a copy and post your comments/review on the book #48 web page under ‘Books‘.

Channeling Tom Hanks… *ohm*


7 Responses to Book #48 Release

  1. Just checking in with a status report:
    Book #48 – finished chapter 32 and completely sucked into this one! So mysterious, it’s unputdownable.
    Book #47 – up to chapter 5 and also very drawn into the story.
    Book #46 – starting chapter 7. Such a sweet novel. I’m loving how Viola is adapting to life in boarding school and expanding her horizons.

    Will keep plugging away. Meanwhile, please post your status reports and let us know your thoughts, will you please? Curious minds and all that. 🙂

  2. I just finished reading all 500+ pages and am in complete wonderment. This book is, by far, one of the best thrillers I’ve read since ‘The Davinci Code’ and ‘Angels and Demons’. GOOSEBUMPS!!!

  3. ginabeana says:

    Hi, Hi…

    I’m reading The Lost Symbol, too. I’m about 3/4 to the end…I love it!

  4. @ginabeana – So? Are you finished? Did you figure it out before the end? I was completely floored!

    @All – I recommend The Department of Lost and Found by Allison Winn Scotch as another book for us to read. Thoughts or suggestions on book #49?

  5. maksbestfriend says:

    I am more than halfway through TOML, have ordered DoL&F and Don’t Forget About Me, by the same author.

  6. ginabeana says:

    Finally finished with TLS – did not see any of it coming!

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