Bookclub Book #30 Release

Still working on book #29? That’s ok! This post is just a ‘heads up’ on our bookclub #30 selection, Knit Two, by none other than Kate Jacobs. If you’ve read book #26, The Friday Night Knitting Club, then you already have an idea of what we have in store. Yes, you could say we have high expectations with this sequel. Can you blame us?

So now’s the time to download an audible, borrow from the library, visit your local bookstore, or click on over to Amazon here: Knit Two. Be sure to visit the book #30 web page under ‘Books‘ to the right of this page for the reading timeline and discussion posts. Then just get started reading, simple as that.

So have you started knitting yet? Tell us!


10 Responses to Bookclub Book #30 Release

  1. Dory says:

    I’ve got the book and I’ll be reading… still working on TMP right now. I’ve been a little distracted. Because…. YES! I started knitting!

    It’s funny how life happens: While I was reading FNKC, my 11 yr old came home from school and said she had been watching a teacher knit and she wanted to learn. Then I went to work and found one of my coworkers knitting b/c her grandmother had taught her over the holidays. Suddenly knitting was all around me… I took that as a sign! I got some supplies and a *how-to* book and yesterday, I finished my FIRST scarf! :o) It’s full of mistakes but that’s ok. The next one will be better!

  2. @Dory – Wow, you really have been distracted! And a whole scarf, already? You’ve truly found your calling – best knitting wishes to you and your daughter.

    Guess what? I’m on the verge of pulling out my knitting stuff of yore, complete with projects I gave up on after being so pokey. The Knitting Club is just a wee bit inspiring that way. 🙂

  3. @All – Just finished ch 10 here. Where are you? Do I need to tweak the timeline? LMK! 🙂

  4. maksbestfriend says:

    I am only on chapter 4…sorry…vacationing and all that lazy stuff..back one week from today…

  5. @maksbestfriend – I’m just finishing ch 14 now, but working on ‘Deep Dish’ by Mary Kay Andrews on the side. (Borrowed from the library, but it’s only a 14 day loan so I need to finish soon!) Anyway, I’ll move the dates on the timeline so you can vacation in peace. 😉

  6. maksbestfriend says:

    Vacation in peace, this is fun, read a little, shop a lot, read a little, shop a lot..I have two priority mail boxes going home, does that tell you anything? 😉

  7. sarahpekkanen says:

    OK, I just got the first one…. I’ll catch up soon! I knit when I was a little girl (grandma taught me) but not well. I think all my scarves had huge gaping holes that probably left me colder than if I’d gone without!

  8. @maksbestfriend – you’re doing exactly what I should’ve done during my shopping-filled-vacation to NM last year. What a dream vacation for you – how sweet it is!

    @sarahpekkanen – we’re absolutely thrilled to have you on-board with the ‘Knitting Club’ series, especially since you’ve got that scarf making background and all. My knitting creations didn’t even make it to the hole generating stage, but I’m quite sure they would’ve eventually. Can you say potholders? That’s what I made. 😀

  9. maksbestfriend says:

    I am hoping to get caught up with this part of the book in the next day or so now that I am home. Go read the blog to see my misadventure in vacationing…

  10. @maksbestfriend – Sounds like a plan, so now I must check out your blog to see what’s up w/the vacationing. Thanks for the heads up!

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