Bookclub Book #21 Release

Look what we have here – our newest bookclub member offered us the perfect suggestion in this book: Chasing Harry Winston: A Novel by Lauren Weisberger. This particular author, who just so happens to be well known for her best selling book The Devil Wears Prada, has drawn a faithful readership, which makes her newest novel that much more enticing. So with that, onward we go!

In the meantime, the same drill holds in getting started – feel free to download an audible or buy a copy on Amazon in support of our bookclub here: Chasing Harry Winston: A Novel. Then simply click the book page here or in the sidebar under ‘Book #21‘ to follow along.

You really can’t go wrong. So why not be a part of the Chicken Lit’ers Bookclub while reading another potentially captivating novel?

It’s all good here. We’re just plain cool people who know how to pick ’em!


16 Responses to Bookclub Book #21 Release

  1. maksbestfriend says:

    I am downloading this tomorrow morning! 🙂

  2. Excellent! Guess where I was a few hours ago? Did you say, “At Barnes & Noble buying a certain book”? If so, you’d be exactly right – I’m reading this one on the flight home and during my 3 hour layover in Denver. Can’t wait. 😀

  3. maksbestfriend says:

    And I ordered Mr. Maybe: A Novel, Walking in Circles Before Lying Down: A Novel, and Hissy Fit: A Novel. I love!

  4. @maksbestfriend – I bought ‘Hissy Fit’, but Barnes & Noble didn’t have the other 2 in stock. Exactly why Amazon Prime is so awesome – agreed! Dory gave us such great suggestions, didn’t she?

  5. maksbestfriend says:

    Yes she did, and she thought she was going to embarrass me? I have no idea where she gets that idea from! Dang, cannot wait to bring on the conversations for this book! LOVED IT!!!! 🙂

  6. Dory says:

    You finished it already Becca? Oh my goodness!!

  7. maksbestfriend says:

    It was a 5+ hour listen. So good. You get a gold star for this one! But I ain’t spilling any details!

  8. @All – I know this is early and out of left field right now since we haven’t even finished this book, but I’m throwing this Christmas read into the ring for future book consideration:
    ‘Tis the Season by Lorna Landvik

    Any interest out there? Thanks!

  9. maksbestfriend says:

    That sounds like a great book and how about Grace by Richard Paul Evans? Or The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck?

  10. maksbestfriend says:

    Reason I am asking is it is only a 3 hour listen for an unabridged listen, so not sure how long the book would be. And I love holiday books!

  11. Dory says:

    I love Christmas books too so which ever is FINE with me! Or maybe… more than one? hehe

  12. maksbestfriend says:

    I am game for more than one. I love reading, as you can tell.

  13. @Dory & @maksbestfriend – sounds good! Let’s keep all three on our ‘To Read’ list for the upcoming holiday. That’ll keep us busy. 🙂

  14. maksbestfriend says:

    What about adding this book, just because I found it and it sounds so wonderful. It is called “A Dog Named Christmas” by Greg Kincaid. The description is what tugged at my heart. It came out yesterday.

  15. Let’s add it to the other 3 – maybe we’ll have some sort of drawing to decide which one will be our next read? I like the idea. What do you think?

  16. maksbestfriend says:

    I will have all 4. The Glenn Beck book comes out next week, so it is a pre-order. So I am game for anything. Count me in! 🙂

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