Discussion #2 & Final Wrap-up: Confessions of a Contractor

Let’s go ahead and close out our discussion on Confessions of a Contractor and talk about chapters 7 through 18. I’ll throw out a few questions to get us going:

  • Do you think Sullivan and Gia achieved closure in their relationship?
  • Were you pleased with the way Sullivan handled the Paulson situation?
  • What about Clyde? Did you find it strange that Sullivan ended up with Rebecca’s cat?
  • How did you feel about Hector and Miguel’s rescue/return?
  • Aside from home improvements, did Sullivan finally accomplish what he wanted for Sally and Rebecca?

Got any others? We’d sure like to read them if you do. Post away, and let us know your thoughts on book #20 while you’re at it. Meanwhile, these are on deck as possibilities: Tan Lines, Sweet Love, Seeing Me Naked, and A Job to Kill For: A Lacy Fields Mystery.

Any of those sound interesting to you? Cast your vote today!


9 Responses to Discussion #2 & Final Wrap-up: Confessions of a Contractor

  1. maksbestfriend says:

    I am catching up. I am up to page 80. I am making headway. I have Tan Lines on my IPod, I don’t have any of the other books. I am making progress. If you want to move on without me, that is okay, I got behind. But I am hoping to be done tomorrow or Wednesday at the latest.


  2. @maksbestfriend – No worries. I’ll wait until you post a comment here before moving on. Tan Lines sounds like a good one for book #20 since we both already own it. I’ll post a formal announcement after we close out book #19.

  3. maksbestfriend says:

    I am up to page 157 this morning. Hoping to make as much progress today as yesterday. πŸ™‚ Thanks for being patient with me!

  4. maksbestfriend says:

    Up to page 225. Hoping that I finish it today. Guess what I don’t actually have that book on my IPod yet. I do have Slummy Mummy and What Do You Do All Day and Bookends and Mrs. Perfect to choose from too. I also have one for you to look at called The Year of Fog by Michelle Richmond. I do have that one on my IPod.

  5. maksbestfriend says:

    I finished the book, now to answer the questions:

    I think that Gia needed absolution for stealing the truck. Some sort of forgiveness so she could marry her boyfriend she cheated with. But did she marry him?

    I thought that it was odd at first, but I could see it. He did lead Rebecca to believe that he was having the cat put to sleep. When he could not go through with it, he had to do something. I am glad that he did call her and tell her. And I liked her compassionate reaction.

    Normally, I am anti-illegal immigrant. But for the storyline, it worked. But would it work long term? What does it say about those people who can manufacture green cards that can fool or almost fool people? What happens to those people?

    I think, that even though the relationship between Sally and Henry ended badly, once he got to the bottom of what really happened between the two of them, or should I say the three of them, he instigated some thought between the two. What happened had to come from one or the other or both. I think that Rebecca was on to Derrick sooner than some might have thought. I wonder how long the PI was watching her husband?

  6. maksbestfriend says:

    I just bought Tan Lines tonight! Yippee!

    Are you tired of reading my mindless responses yet? πŸ˜‰

    Ready to go when you are!

  7. @maksbestfriend – Ok, now with mine:

    * Gia did need absolution, I agree. But how strange that she needed to go through the couples counseling just to come out with it. For the other guy’s sake, I hope she didn’t actually marry him. She’s a fruit loop.

    * I’m going along with your answer. The fact that he reacted so quickly and in such a caring, nuturing way showed his soft side. You don’t usually see that side of contractors.

    * I liked how the rescue worked out in the end, especially for the families involved. So typical of contractors find cheap/illegal labor in the way of immigrants, but Henry should’ve known he was playing with fire by employing them in the first place.

    * The Sally/Rebecca/Derrick twist had me stumped from the very beginning. I just couldn’t figure out why Henry was so interested that whole relationship. What did it mean to him anyway? Shouldn’t he have been focused on maintaining his integrity as a contractor, rather than getting involved in the lives of total strangers who were obviously involved in some sort of funny business? In the end, he was able to help them out, albeit indirectly. But why did he care enough to get involved? Seemed strange to me.

    To be honest here, the only thing I liked about this book was the cover design. The rest? Boring and lacking in depth. Makes me want to run in the opposite direction – and read a ‘Chick Lit’ type novel instead! (I’m not even recommending this one to hubs, that’s how much I disliked it.)

  8. maksbestfriend says:

    I did like that Rebecca got out and sold the house and moved on with her girls. Best thing that she could have done for them. At least one of the characters that didn’t seem so screwed up.

  9. @maksbestfriend – That really was the light at the end of the tunnel, Rebecca’s escape and subsequent happiness away from cheater hubs. But I don’t feel the author gave her enough attention at the end. Ah well.

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