Bookclub Book #17 Release

Wait… what’s this? Another Elizabeth Adler Novel? Yes, that’s right! And it’s titled: One of Those Malibu Nights. This new release promises to be another thrilling page-turner, something we really enjoyed about Adler’s previous novel. So by now you know the drill in joining us on this bookclub read – either click the book page here or in the sidebar under ‘Book #17‘.

Now’s the time to download your audible or buy a copy on Amazon in support of our bookclub here: One of Those Malibu Nights. We’re always looking for new readers, so why not read along with us this time around? You want to! You really do!


4 Responses to Bookclub Book #17 Release

  1. maksbestfriend says:

    Hi there!

    As luck would have it, or should I say, as spoiled as I am, I have this on my IPod. How amazing is that? 😉 How many chapters is this? I hope that it lives up to the last book we read! I am looking forward to listening to it!

    I am going out of town on Friday and Saturday and coming back on Sunday afternoon. Have to grace the in laws with my presence sometime! 🙂

    I am also well into Twilight. Liking it. Have you started it?

  2. Great! At least you and I are in, so far. Having a few more readers would be great during our discussions, but I’ll just keep pluggin’ away until more jump on-board. 🙂 BTW: lots of chapters, just like the last novel. I do like that about Adler’s writing style, must say.

    Have a good visit w/in-laws Friday & Saturday. I’ll keep that in mind with the discussion timeline, so not a problem there.

    Only read the first 2 pages of Twilight so far. Our sitter claims that the series is “AWESOME!”. Looks like I better see what that’s all about, eh? We’ll have to exchange notes on it soon.

    Thanks for the post – I look forward to this diversion w/school starting… umm… TOMORROW. *woooooohoooooooo*

  3. maksbestfriend says:


    I just started this book. How is it going for you? Are you enjoying it?

  4. @maksbestfriend – I’m @pg 80-ish and liking the book quite a bit. Italy! Pantheon! I’ve been there and love the flashbacks. 🙂

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