Discussion #2: Meet Me in Venice

By now you’ve most likely finished reading up through chapter 50 of book #16, Meet Me in Venice. So why don’t we go ahead with the second discussion? In the interest of time (and my interest in getting to the end of the book and finding out whodunnit in the very near future) I’m leaving this discussion completely open. Feel free to make your own Q&A here as you post your thoughts on chapters 25 to 50!

Don’t be shy – now’s the time to let loose and comment away.


2 Responses to Discussion #2: Meet Me in Venice

  1. maksbestfriend says:

    Who me, shy?

    So what do you think?

    Why/why wouldn’t Sam be a killer? Or is it Bennett? Or someone we do not know yet?

    Things are coming together:

    Bennett’s wife dies mysteriously.
    Lilly dies under the same circumstances.
    Sam’s wife dies under the same circumstances.

    All were wealthy, or married, or had access, supposedly to money. And what was Bennett’s connection? The only one I cannot explain yet is Sam’s wife.

    And now Bennett thinks that Lilly left the necklace somewhere, has he connected it back to Precious?

  2. The one thing that bothers me is how naive Preshy is with her men – first Bennett then Sam. I find it hard to believe she’d invite these men into her life so quickly and easily without proof of identity/background. She makes herself out to be desperate for companionship. So sad for her man choices.

    Lily is also naive with that thief of a best friend, Mary-Lou. Talk about trusting – Mary-Lou had been taking money from her along. How could she not know this? It’s a good thing Lily figured it out and took off with the necklace, but how exactly is she going to meet up with Preshy, a distant relative who doesn’t even know what Lily looks like? And in Venice? What a stretch.

    Meanwhile, I have a feeling we’re about to be unpleasantly surprised in the chapters ahead… can’t bring myself put the book down, I’m so curious about the ending! Aagh!!

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