Discussion #1: Shoe Addicts Anonymous

Finally after a little break in the reading action we’re starting the first discussion on book #13, Shoe Addicts Anonymous. I’d like to keep this discussion focused on the first 7 chapters, if possible. How about a few starter questions:

  • Does the formation of the ‘Shoe Addicts Anonymous’ club seem plausible?
  • Will joining offer support for our 3 (4?) heroines?
  • Is the storyline very believable with addiction to shoes?
  • Do you think Steve should’ve been allowed to join? Was he unfairly snubbed?

As always, those are just questions I rattled off the top of my head. Feel free to discuss whatever you’d like, as long as there are no spoilers!


11 Responses to Discussion #1: Shoe Addicts Anonymous

  1. Becca says:

    I think in the beginning of the book it did seem plausible, seeing as how the main character was so in debt but still wanted to indulge her shoe fetish, if you will. But do you really think that you are going to find a group that is just “that size” and make it last for any length of time? I think that she would have more luck in the real world had she opened it up to other women and other high end shoes.

    I think that the support is going to go beyond the shoes for our women. Time will tell, but that is how it is in life for the most part. I mean, haven’t we gone beyond just talking about books here? πŸ˜‰

    If you are that addicted to shoes, there is a deeper something at play. As far as for being realistic, these days, honestly, being a society of instant gratification, and worshiping of the swiping of the plastic, and not giving real thought as to how you are going to pay for it down the line, it could be. I mean, look at how many people are in so far over their heads financially, and blame anyone, anything, rather than take responsibility for their own actions.

    I think that if they were understanding, they should have allowed Steve to join. Which of any of those women are/were perfect? I think they could have had a good addition, and a good friend in Steve, but shun him, because he is different.

    And what about the journalist that is going after the shoplifter? Where is that going?

  2. It did seem like just a whim for Lorna to spontaneously post the ad on Gregslist.biz, but a good idea given her debt situation. Desperate needs call for desperate measures, right? (By the way, have you tried to see if there’s actually a site by that name – possibly a spin off of Craigslist? Must check.) But yes, such a narrow scope would limit membership in real life. I just can’t imagine a huge response unless a size range were involved, like 7-10 for example.

    You nailed that one! And I can’t wait to see how well the group works for each of them, just as the Chicken Lit bookclub has given me an opportunity to touch base with readers as we chat about all kinds of thoughts/ideas/life-events/etc. I wonder if Beth Harbison will take the cast further by writing about them in her next book? We shall see.

    Unfortunately yes, shoes could be replaced with just about any one thing as an addiction stemming from bigger underlying problems. As long as the person is able to accept responsibility for actions taken without harming others, it’s not a big deal. But obviously these individuals are lacking in that department and need a support group. Perhaps they can help one another while sharing in their love of shoes? I’d like that kind of ending.

    I felt bad for Steve, but maybe keeping him out will allow his relationship with Sandra to grow – outside of phone conversations…? They could help one another in a big way.

    Exactly my question – where is that journalist headed? That guy creeps me out.

  3. Becca says:

    Did you hear from Gina? Is she reading?

  4. I need to email her again. She’s probably busy getting ready for her trip to Ireland right now, but I’ll let you know if she’s in on this with us.

  5. (Just edited my first reply to your comment. Screaming kids along with thunder and lightening interrupted my thought process, so it didn’t come out right the first time.)

  6. Guess what? There IS a gregslist.biz! And it’s registered to none other than BETH HARBISON, our author. I dug a little further and found out the domain hasn’t been configured, so Beth must’ve reserved the name to keep others from pouncing on it.

    She did her homework before using that domain name in the book. πŸ™‚

  7. Becca says:

    Wow, that is cool! Now let’s see what she does with it in the future book! I have 10 days before I can pick that out as my freebie book on Audible!

    Did you get a visitor yesterday? πŸ˜‰

  8. Becca says:

    You know I am thinking that I might buy Tim Russert’s “Big Russ & Me”. It is on I Tunes and given his sudden passing, and his respect in the news business it might be worth listening to. What a cool son he raised. I was awed at his composure watching him speak at his dad’s memorial.

  9. @Becca – can you get both? or do you need to choose between the two? I can see why you’d want to buy the Russert one with the timing of his death. His son lost a wonderful father.

    I did receive the new Jane Green book and snuck a couple of pages in. It looks like a really good one that I want to get started on, especially since I don’t have the next Harbison book yet. Interested in joining me on that one?

  10. Becca says:

    Of course I can get both, I am so spoiled. Scary that I admit that! πŸ˜‰ I am all for starting the new one when we are done! I will read anything that isn’t nailed down!

  11. Great! Ok… as we get closer, I’ll make a decision and post it here. We need 12 more readers like you in our bookclub! πŸ™‚

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