Discussion #3: Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights

Let’s go ahead and close out our discussion here on book #11, Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights. Just a few questions to get us going:

  • Did you see the ending coming?
  • What was your favorite event or quote in the remaining chapters?
  • Do you think Leah actually grew in character with her visit to the holding cell?
  • What did you like more/less about this novel in comparison to the other 2 Sophie Katz mysteries?
  • And finally, give us your overall take – how do you rate it on a 1-10 scale (1=worst, 10=best)?

Without wasting any time, how about if we move on to So Much For My Happy Ending? Let me know if you’re joining in with us – good reads ahead!


8 Responses to Discussion #3: Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights

  1. 1. I was a little fuzzy about the motive and ‘who dunnit’, but had a hint that it had to do with money. So no, I didn’t really see it coming.

    2. ‘Mr. Happy’s little hat’. ROTFLMAO I even showed that part to Catholic Hubs who equally got a kick out of that priceless moment.

    3. If growing means came to her senses and realized Jack needed his mother, then I’d say YES.

    4. I liked the fact that Sophie and Anatoly finally became intimate, as fleeting as it was. It was nice to see Anatoly show that he actually had romantic feelings for Sophie, as we only read about Sophie’s side in the other 2 novels, with little or no romance.

    5. I rate it a 7.5 – which is higher than I’d rate the other two. This one was the best of all three to me.

    I’m starting on So Much For My Happy Ending, but it will be the last until the end of June. So we’ll be taking a break soon after the next one – FYI!

  2. @All – After starting So Much For My Happy Ending, I’m not all that impressed by Tad who seems to be a complete a$$hole from the get-go. Any thoughts on Love the one you’re with by Emily Giffin, instead? It’s staring me in the face sitting here on my desk…

  3. ginabeana says:

    Ok, let’s see…I could not figure out the who dunnit at all in this one. I thought it maybe had to do with money because of all the expensive Tiffany’s bling that he was showering everyone with, but never thought of embezzelment. I was convinced it was a scourned lover.

    I can’t think of a specific quote that stands out, the one thing I like about Davis’ novels is the quick wit between Anatoly and Sophie. I think there were a lot of fun one liners between them.

    I don’t think Leah grew much as a person. I’m not sure if that was Davis’ objective with Leah. She held herself together when she had too, but I don’t think the character evolved or anything – not sure if Leah needed to. Although on second thought, maybe Leah has finally learned to be herself and not who she thinks she should be, so yea, maybe that is growing more as a person

    I’ll give it an 8. Its def my favorite out of the series, in fact, I rate all the books in the order that we read them, they kept getting better for me. If we read in the proper sequence, I think I would have been seriously disappointed with the last book in the series (which was the first one we read).

    The Sophie Anatoly hook up part was good – although coffee obsessed much? Yikes, lol.

    Everytime I read the book I CRAVED Starbucks! Starbucks should give Davis a fully loaded giftcard for her product placements!

    I’m knee deep in So Much… Tad is a jerk, but its the point. I really am liking this book – it blows the Katz Series out of the water, IMHO. I would suggest to keep at it, but if you really want to do the Giffin one, by all means…

    I can’t start a new novel right now, I’m planning a trip to Ireland (!!!) so I’m kinda busy reading travel guides. Either of you two been to Ireland – any advice?: )

  4. Becca says:

    I am still waiting for my copy so I can go either way. Waiting, waiting. That new book is calling my name Brenda! Ireland Gina! Jealous!

  5. @Gina – I craved chocolate covered espresso beans AND Starbucks! Davis really should get some kickbacks for all those Starbucks references in her books. Oh, and since I value your opinion and want you to be in on our last book before summer begins, let’s keep So Much For My Happy Ending – but only if you promise to hang around for a discussion or two when Becca and I finish. 🙂

    BTW: Never been to Ireland, but I do know a few Sisters who have. (One is still there and LOVES it!) I’m reading 3 new travel guides, too… the reason for taking a break after this next book. We must swap vacation stories upon return!

    @Becca – Don’t worry, I promise not to finish before you. As if you ever have to worry about that happening. lol

  6. Becca says:

    Guess what I got! 😉 It came, it came! So are we going with it?

  7. @Becca – Dig in! I’m posting book #12 right now.

  8. @All – Does anyone watch ’10 Years Younger’ on TLC? If so, well, every time I read about Marcus in Davis’ novels, a very vivid picture of DAMONE ROBERTS pops into my head. (He’s the Glam Squad Makeup and Eyebrow Artist.)

    Now I’m really wishing Kyra would write another Sophie Katz mystery.

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