Bookclub Book #11 Release

Here’s another one to fill in the missing pieces between books 7 and 10: Passion, Betrayal and Killer Highlights, also by Kyra Davis. Now you know the drill – simply click the book page here or in the sidebar under ‘Book #11‘.

Again the Chicken Lit’ers are antsy to get started on what we’re hoping to find a good read. So far, we’ve experienced adventure, mystery, humor and surprises along the way in our previous two novels, leaving us with high hopes for this one, too.

What kinds of events will occur this time? And how will it be that Sophie and Anatoly get that romance thing going? Let’s find out!


10 Responses to Bookclub Book #11 Release

  1. ginabeana says:

    I ordered my copy and will jump in as soon as I get it. It worked out the last time, right?

  2. It worked out perfectly – again it will be fun having your input as we go. Thanks, Gina!

  3. Becca says:

    So Brenda do you have the book? Gina you ordered it? Should I wait for you? I don’t mind. I forget much if I get too far ahead. 🙂

  4. Yes, got mine & ready to go! I’ll hold back from reading too fast until Gina gets her copy.

  5. ginabeana says:

    I’ll let you know when I get mine – but def dig in, dont let me hold anyone back. I also ordered the other Kyra Davis novel…can’t think of the name right now. Maybe that can be a future book club read.

  6. Becca says:

    I just bought “So Much For My Happy Ending” by Kyra Davis on EBay this morning. Looks like another good book! 😉

  7. Sounds like we’re good to go! I’ll keep the timeline as is for now. Hey, I’ve got the other book – it’s definitely one for our future read list. Great taste!

  8. Becca says:

    We all seem to think alike. I also bought another one that you might want to take a look at..

    “A Page Out Of Life” by Kathleen Reid.

    Here is the synopsyses from Amazon:

    “Product Description”

    The connections women make through scrapbooking inspire a novel full of “the twists and turns that keep readers turning pages.”

    When frazzled mother of four Ashley joins a local scrapbook club, she’s amazed at the way old photos and mementos can bring color to sepiatoned memories. Among the diverse group is Tara, a single grad student whose search for love, like her relationship with her absentee father, has only brought her heartache…and some funny dating stories. Then there’s Libby, a semi-retired teacher who thought she’d spend her golden years taking classes—not as a town pariah after her son is charged in a corporate scandal. But all three find comfort and inspiration in the scrapbooking group, where they learn that only together can they face earth-shattering revelations and emotionally unavailable men—and figure out their futures while artfully commemorating their pasts.


  9. @Becca – I like the sound of that one. Let’s go ahead and add it to our coveted ‘Future Reads’ list. Thanks for putting it out there for us!

  10. ginabeana says:

    this has nothing to do with books, BUT, Brenda (note the whine in my voice)…I can’t leave comments on your itcatholicmom bloooog (really whiney now). Help!

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