Discussion #1: Sex, Murder and a Double Latte

Let’s go ahead and start our first discussion on book #10, Sex, Murder and a Double Latte. At least a couple Chicken Lit’ers have finished the first 7 chapters, but let’s try not to spoil the plot too much for those who aren’t there yet. Here are a few ideas to get us going:

  • How do you like this novel so far compared to book #7 Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate?
  • Are you afraid for Sophie as the ‘ax murderer’ continues to terrorize her?
  • What do you think about Anatoly and his role in the mysterious circumstances that are taking place around Sophie?
  • Isn’t it great that Mr. Katz has a bigger part in this novel compared to ODRDC?

More questions, comments, ideas? Bring ’em on!


4 Responses to Discussion #1: Sex, Murder and a Double Latte

  1. Becca says:

    I really like this novel. It feels like we should have read this story first since it is putting the Anatoly/Sophie relationship into some perspective that we did not have in the second book.

    Admission? Don’t hate me, but I just started Chapter 17. 😉 I love this book. It is hard to turn it off.

    I think that this book has more twists and turns than that Zoom Zoom Mazda Ad. I am still not at all sure as to who is the likely culprit. I have an idea, but still no clue.

    I think that Anatoly is telling the truth about who he is, and he is not a killer, but someone I think that is sent to protect her. Remember the question he asked her on the first date was how well she got along with her neighbors. Why?

    I love Mr. Katz’s being in this book more.

    Dina is a hoot! In a kinky, off beat sort of way! I like oddball types or I am one, take your pick, I am not going to confess to which!

    And aomehow I sense that Brenda has a bit of Maryann in her….no offense.. 😉

    There is a lot of swearing in this book. No sex so far. But lots of swearing which makes me want to instinctively want to turn down my IPod, but why, no one is listening but me.

    Come on out, ladies, and let’s get this book party started! 🙂

  2. We should’ve read this one first, agreed! If ‘unputdownable’ were actually an adjective, it would describe this book to a T. I’m getting a huge kick out of reading it, so much that I can’t wait to read Kyra Davis’ other novels, too.

    No haters here… I’m almost done w/chapter 11. Can’t blame you for not wanting to turn off the audible. I’d be done with it by now if I didn’t have small people to chase/chauffeur around all day. Makes me wish I’d bought the audio version, too.

    Nice comparison to the Zoom Zoom Mazda ad – you are right about that. I’m in the middle of the park scene as Sophie talks to the detective. The park bench scene sent chills up my spine! And I think you’re right about Anatoly being sent to help Sophie, because we already know they became an ‘item’ based on the breakup that occurred before ODRDC. I’m thinking Anatoly is already onto Jason and is waiting to catch him in the act of attempted murder – but that’s just my thought.

    Um, huh? You think I’ve got some Maryann going on?? Ouch ouch ouch! I won’t hold that against you, oh reader friend. I’ll just call you Dena Lopiano. 🙂

    The swearing is there, but not too overwhelming for me. Seems like Marian Keyes’ novels are much worse, yet I still enjoy her books too. I keep waiting for Sophie and Anatoly to get all steamy – although, it’s probably better that she focus on who might be after her before getting romantically involved with a guy she just met.

    Party time is on! Where are you, Gina?

  3. Becca says:

    Guess what? I finished the book! What a listen! I am so not going to tell you what happens, but it is good! 😉

    And I got books from cute Mr. UPS guy today…
    The Cinderella Pact
    Don’t Look Down
    Little Lady, Big Apple
    Skeletons At The Feast by Chris Bohjalian

    Now I am listening to Passion, Betrayal, And Killer Highlights…it picks up where this one leaves of without missing a beat! We should have read this one next..more insight!

  4. I’m not surprised that you finished, Becca – it’s just that good! Unfortunately, I’m on ch 15 and probably won’t be done for another day or so. I’ll go ahead and post discussion #2 in the meantime. No spoilers?

    How excellent that UPS guy brought you the other books that we have on deck. No delay time between reads for either of us. Such a nice feeling. 🙂

    Great to know the next novel hits the ground running – Kyra Davis knows her stuff quite well, I must say. Hope it’s as good as this one!

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