Discussion #2: Certain Girls

If you’re reading this post, you must have already finished Part 2: Amsterdam of book #9, Certain Girls. So much has happened with this reading segment, don’t you think? Free reign here… what do you want to discuss most about this section of the book?

The Chicken Lit’ers are All. Ears.


6 Responses to Discussion #2: Certain Girls

  1. Becca says:

    Grandpapa sure is playing Joy is he not? I am so angry with that man. What was Candace to do?

    I can see why she did not tell Joy the “whole” truth. Joy is acting like such a wretched shrew towards her mother right now. This is getting very interesting. She is a thief, can’t be trusted to do what she says, and then goes after her mother for protecting her family? I am having a hard time being sympathetic to her right now.

    Then there is the dynamic between her bio dad and his wife. Certainly some tension there. No she shouldn’t have heard that, but she is using that too, to a point to get what she wants. And she knows it. That is part of why she thought that she would get away with taking the credit card from the wallet. Wonder what the consequences for that will be? Or will she play the pity me card?

    It seems like on some level her mother is bound to pay for everything in Joy’s eyes, real or imagined. I am not caring for Joy much right now. She is acting immature to the nth degree. I know that she is only 13, but still, over the top. Maybe it is because Mitch aand I don’t have kids together so I don’t get it on a daily basis, so I have nothing to base it on. But it seems so over the top anger wise.

    What do you think?

  2. Grandpa is a jerk, if you ask me. Plain and simple. How scary when he showed up during the reading and picked up Joy, calling her ‘kitten’ – Candace should’ve RAN over and grabbed her daughter from him! And the nerve of him to be asking for $ after treating her so badly as a child. Complete pond scum, that man. 😛

    Candace only added fuel to the fire by keeping the truth from Joy. That girl is on the verge of something disastrous, as noted by her errant behavior (sneaking away to the bar mitzvah, taking the credit card, etc.) I’m not sympathetic to her wrongful behavior, but to her state of confusion with regard to her family history. Feeling unwanted & unloved can drive a person to do the unthinkable. She needs to know the truth.

    I did note the tension between bio dad and wife. It’s like she’s unaccepting of his mistakes made earlier in life and wants to protect her perfect little family. Talk about an evil shrew. Lucky that Joy doesn’t live under mean and nasty stepmother’s roof. She’d be wishing for bio mom again in a heartbeat. (Hmmm… maybe that’s what’s in store for Joy? A wakeup call?)

    Joy is typical and needs to get over the self-centeredness, which will only happen with maturity. Meanwhile, Candace just needs to accept that fact – and I think remembering her own parent-hating history will help. Unfortunately, my dear Mother and I had a similar relationship back in the day… and it was not a good one. Oh, the drama! Interesting how leaving the teenage years creates a whole new outlook on life & family, thank goodness.

  3. ginabeana says:

    I must say, despite all of Joy’s sneaking, lieing, and stealing she handled the sense with bio dad and his wife quite impressively. Do you agree? Imagine over hearing some one talk about you – how would you reaact? I think I would have hid behind something until the offending parties were finished, then sulk off to the bathroom and cry my eyes out. The way Joy, a young lady, handled that tense situation was nothing short of impressive in my eyes.

    I’m not sure I agree entirely with how Becca interrupts Joy and her behavior. No way am I condoning her behavior or would want my future child(ren) pulling that stuff, but I don’t think she’s doing to get what she wants or to play a pity card. She’s majorly confused about who she is; who is apart of her life and who isn’t and why. Right now, she’s thinking that she has been lied to for entire life. I’d say that would drive someone to seek out the answers. Joy is acting this way because she is a teenager. She doesn’t know better, and will not know better until she learns from experience.

    The whole Bat Mitvah dress thing is driving me crraaazy. Let her have the dang dress! This is the kind of oppressiveness that is just going to wreck havok on joy. Not that one should give into a child’s every whim, but sheesh! Joy is becoming a lady, let her have her big girl dress and heels. It has to happen sometime!

    What do you think, Brenda. Say CG has a big event coming up in a few years that requires formal wear. How would you handle it? Would you let her get away with wearing spaghetti strap (or dare I say strapless) dress – with a wrap, of course? Maybe I’m way off base. I don’t have kids myself. What do you think, Becca? Sometimes you have to pick your battles and I just wish Candance would drop this fight.

  4. @ginabeana – I do agree, because I would’ve completely lost my composure after hearing that conversation at Joy’s age. Try throwing food, perhaps? That would’ve been more my style then. So yes, she behaved impeccably impressively for a 13 year old.

    Exactly not the pity card. Joy is CONFUSED, and it seems that all of the facts are hidden away from her. So much that she has to go out on her own to uncover truths, whether it be by reading her mother’s novel, calling a former roommate, asking relatives, you name it. How nerve wracking can it be for a young girl? Joy will get the answers she needs with Candace’s help or not. That’s strong will for you.

    And yes, the dress ordeal is driving me NUTS, too. IMHO, as long as CG doesn’t look like a cheap-hussy-tramp on Prom Day, I’m fine with it. Peer pressure has a way of helping out such decisions. I mean, you saw my prom pic on Flickr… need I say more? (Let’s just say my own Mother didn’t bother intervening in my clothing choices, however good or bad that was for me back then. Not a battle she chose, apparently!)

    This is a good book for what I’m about to face in the very near future. :/

  5. Becca says:

    I am finished with the book. I cannot wait to discuss part 3!

  6. @Becca – Talk about perfect timing, I just posted a comment saying that I just finished. I’m ready to talk about part 3 and will be posting the discussion thread ASAP.

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