Final Discussion & Wrap-Up: ODARDC

Alrighty then. Here we are at the final discussion of book #7: Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate. And who would’ve thought it would end with such a crazy twist? Tell us, were you mistakenly lead by all of Johnny Keyes’ so-called clues along the way? Do you think Sophie should leave the PI work to Anatoly from now on? Were you satisfied with this book overall? Got a favorite part? After reading ODARDC, are you interested in reading more works by Kyra Davis?

If only Jesus would send us all cellphones for reading this one. *giggle*


8 Responses to Final Discussion & Wrap-Up: ODARDC

  1. ginabeana says:

    I think I joked earlier on that it was probably Johnny because you should always keep an eye on the quiet ones. I was just kidding, though – I never would have guessed it was Johnny. I had my money on Peter. I kept thinking that Peter had something to do with it – I was convinced he would walk in while the girls were checking out his apartment, that he faked his death or something.

    I thought the bag lady part was the funniest part in the entire book.

    Sophie should let Anatoly do the PI work for now on – she doesn’t seem that good at it, lol!

    I’m not exactly thrilled the way it seemed a bit contrived to me and a little far fetched. Not that furrys don’t exist, but it didn’t seem to follow the beat of the book. I don’t konw – that could just be me.

  2. @Gina – And here I thought Rick was the bad guy, not Johnny (Tripper). Good job calling it early! But your ending sounds so much more interesting, death faking and all.

    The bag lady was hilarious. I hope she makes a comeback in future Sophie Katz novels – wouldn’t that be great? Bag Lady Returns has a nice ring to it.

    As for the ending, yeah I agree. Seems like Davis left it extremely wide open for a sequel or something. The previous 2 novels are a good indicator that she might keep the series going. I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked and would read on.

  3. Becca says:

    I loved the ex husband being on the answering machine at the end…what a lead in!

  4. @Becca – Me too. He’s not going to make Sophie & Anatoly’s relationship easy now, is he? Those darn ex husbands.

    @All – I just posted the page for Book #8. Nope, couldn’t wait! But continue posting on Book #7 if you have any more comments to add.

  5. kyradavis says:

    I stumbled across this and I just had to stop by and say hi. First, I’m so glad that you enjoyed the bag lady as much as I enjoyed creating her! As for the furries…well, someone told me about them and they literally haunted my thoughts for about a week. So of course I had to write a book about them. When I started asking my friends if they heard about furries I was shocked to find that most of them had. In fact one of my friends knew someone who knew someone who was involved in furridom. I considered going because I knew it would be great research but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I’m no where near as brave as Sophie.

    As for the dark chocolate…well my other two titles are Sex, Murder And A Double Latte and Passion Betrayal And Killer Highlights. My publishing house adored those titles and so, when I was more than half way through writing this latest book, I got a call from them saying that the whole three-part title had them so excited that they had been doing some brainstorming of their own. They wanted the next book to be titled Obsession, Deceit And Really Dark Chocolate. Yes, I could have argued since I really didn’t have ANY reference to Dark Chocolate in the book at that point but the reality is that writers often don’t get their first choice in titles and this simply wasn’t a battle that was worth dragging out so I gave in. I put in a few dark chocolate references in but they really weren’t significant enough to merit a title mention.

    I also sort of gave in with the ending. This book, more than any of my others, was a challenge in that my publishers had a very different vision of what it should be than I did. The first chapter, which I loved, they wanted to change dramatically. The last chapter (in which the killer confessed) I wanted to rewrite but they wanted to keep. In the end I got to keep my first chapter without any major changes and I left my ending as it was but I swear, when I read your comments I feel like calling them up and saying “I TOLD YOU SO!” Still, I can’t escape all responsibility because whether I wanted to rewrite it or not the fact is I DID write it. That whole drawn out ending came from my hand and my mind so to that end I do apologize. I honestly think the endings of my other books are much smoother.

    I’m writing book 4 now and my guess is that it won’t be out until 2009. Again, that’s up to the publisher. I’ll have the manuscript done by September.

    By the way, I actually do like my publishing house. The struggles I described above are what almost all authors go through with their respective editors no matter what house they’re with. At least my publishers know how to make an eye-catching cover!

  6. sybildean says:

    That is so cool!!! I couldn’t find the book at the library. I guess she’s too new and we’re so backward.

    But I’m glad I just blog becuz I wouldn’t want anyone to make me change my stuff…only maybe to proofread!

  7. @kyradavis – I’m absolutely thrilled to have you post a comment on our discussion of YOUR novel. Thank you!

    Wow… the furridom is real. I’m still trying my hardest not to research that further. Like you, the thought of something so creepy will freak me out to no end and keep me awake at night. Sophie can be the brave one for all of us as far as I’m concerned.

    Personally, I love the ‘three-part’ title thing you have going on with your books. So the publishing house was onto something there by having you go with the ODARDC title. But how crazy that you were forced to add a reference that you never even intended to have in the book – I had no idea they had so much input. As readers, you can tell we were a little confused that it was mentioned in the title at all, but now we get it.

    What a pain that you had to struggle so much with the publishers and your writing in this novel… but we’ll keep our fingers crossed that book 4 will go much more smoothly. And the cover? Can you leak anything to our club? We’re curious readers! 🙂

    Thanks again Kyra.

  8. @sybildean – Does your library have a hold system where you can pull it up online and request to have the book when it’s available? That’s how I get the new ones at my library, they go fast.

    And I’m glad nobody makes me change my blog either – freedom of blog! Woohoo, no publishing house here!

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