Wrap-Up and Book #7

With Book #6 behind us, now’s the time to post any final comments or thoughts you want to share with the bookclub AND to post suggestions for our next book.

  • Any closing thoughts on The Alchemist?
  • What do you think we should read next?

The Chicken Lit’ers want to hear from you!


4 Responses to Wrap-Up and Book #7

  1. Becca says:

    Pick a book, any book. Please. I am itching to read, or listen as the case might be. I just received, “The Ten Year Nap, by Meg Wolitzer. I haven’t started it yet, but will soon if we haven’t chosen something. 🙂

  2. @Becca – Did you say you had ‘Obsession, Deceit, and Really Dark Chocolate’ by Kyra Davis? I already have it and could get started. What do you think? Otherwise, I’ll need to order ‘The Ten Year Nap.” (It sounds good, too.)

  3. @All – I think we should go for ‘Obsession, Deceit and Really Dark Chocolate’ after all. The formal announcement will be posted tomorrow, so get yours soon and join in with us!

  4. Becca says:

    Yes I do have ODRDC…gee did I just type that? 🙂 I am good to go if that is what everyone wants read!

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