Discussion #2: The Alchemist

Now we’re on with the second discussion for book #6, the quickest read in bookclub history. This time I thought we should try to approach a couple of the questions listed in the Plus: Insights, Interviews, and More! section at the end of the book. With that in mind, following are some key questions for you to ponder and post about in the comment section:

  • Do you agree with Santiago or the crystal merchant with regard to dreams – is having the dream or achieving it more important?
  • Can you define your ‘Personal Legend’? When were you able to first act on it? Did you experience beginner’s luck in pursuing your Legend? Have you experienced obstacles along the way? What, if anything, more will you need to be successful in reaching your Personal Legend?

Those are just a sample of the thought-provoking questions that are found in the book. Do feel free to answer here or just to think about them on your own. Or maybe you’d like to post an overall opinion that you have about the book? In any case, Coelho really has given us much to consider in The Alchemist.


2 Responses to Discussion #2: The Alchemist

  1. Becca says:

    I think that having the dream is very important, just like it isn’t the end of the trip that is the best part it is the journey that gets you there.

  2. I’m a big dreamer and will be the first to admit it. So reading this story about the boy with a dream who dared to go after it makes me thrilled for him.

    In a personal sense, when I look around at everything in my world, I see things that I actually dreamed for at some point in time. Very few would ever have imagined that my life would end up where it is now, considering the circumstances while growing up.

    With that in mind, here are my responses to the questions:

    1. Having the dream AND achieving it are equally important. If we never dream, how can we experience joy and fulfillment? Why not? Dare to have both.

    2. My Personal Legend is to be a supporting ‘woman of faith’ to my family as a daughter, sister, wife and mother. I was able to first act on it by struggling financially to put myself through college at a Catholic University, and then meeting my husband-to-be who sponsored me in becoming a member of the Catholic church. Up until that point in time, life was a constant struggle that only became better after making those choices. Now, to continue to be successful, I will need to keep surrounding myself with others who are strong in their faith and with similar values.

    Overall, my opinion of this book is favorable – I’m interested in reading another by Coelho. (Major break from Chick Lit, that’s for sure.)

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