Discussion #1: The Alchemist

The time has come, readers! Time for our discussion about the first segment of the 6th Chicken Lit Bookclub selection, The Alchemist. Although this book is short, the wise and profound meaning remains within. Such a simple yet complex fable is unfolding before us… what will happen next?

Now it’s your turn. What has been going through your mind as you read/hear Coelho’s tale? Any ideas you want to delve into further? Do you even like the book so far? The Chicken Lit’ers want to know.


2 Responses to Discussion #1: The Alchemist

  1. I’ll start. I must say that after reading about the conversation between the old man and the boy, little red flags started waving in my head. Why? Well, recently I read “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, and the whole premise behind her book repeats the old man’s advice almost word-for-word. The idea that when you really really want/dream/wish for something and the universe gravitates toward making it happen is the exact same message in Byrne’s book. It’s like seeing double!

    Hmmmm… I wonder if anyone else noticed this little coincidence? It’s not that I don’t believe in the theory – in fact, I’m a strong believer in how positive thoughts generate energy that can bring good things to our lives. But now I’m questioning other things, like whether or not these universal laws have been embedded in folk tales for centuries, and yet now authors are making a profit on printing books about it.

    Anyway, I do hope the boy sees his dream come true, and the omens are interesting to read about along the way. If only we could all read omens as we determine our own Personal Legends. That would be really cool. Makes you step back and think about the things around you a little differently.

  2. Becca says:

    I didn’t read “The Secret” because I do not believe some of the stuff in that book or much of what Oprah purports as the gospel these days. But I really did enjoy this audio book. I know that it was not all Jeremy Irons voice. I do like that it is that we are all part of history, if even only our little parts. I think that we all bring something important to life. We have to learn to realize it. The grass is not always greener, or richer, or whatever somewhere else. Life is good sometimes, really good, just where you are. I think that we have to listen to the inner voices and the teachings of our elders and learn from them.

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